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car light bulb 1156

You can buy cheap car light bulb 1156 from us. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. Customers who purchased car light bulb 1156 also viewed car red light bulbs, light bulb 12v car. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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car light bulb 1156 Customers Reviews

  • Quality bulb

    posted by Loner911

    The led bulb fits directly into the original 1157 filament bulb socket. The LEDs are arranged neatly and soldered onto the pcb, giving it a all round 360 degrees coverage.
    Been using for 6 months, so far color and brightness remains constant.
    Do look out for space if you wish to retrofit your filament bulb with this led version. I have tried using in other cars but was unable to fit due to the bulb hitting the reflective lens
  • Too Expensive but It Worths!

    posted by Watslaw

    Gives a VERY VERY BRIGHT and DIRECT light beam which improves the illumination behind your car greatly if you install these items to your rear light.
    Those LEDs on side are intended to light up the lamp cell in which this item is installed. In other words, they improve only the view of your car from the backside but don't make it shine brighter.I'd pay even double price if the manufacturer made the same item but of 3 Cree LEDs. Even without those side LEDs.Another idea for manufacturer: please make an 1157 socket lamp with YELLOW SIDE LEDS and white center Cree LED. This would make much use for DIY geeks who re-design their tail lights and combine both blinker and rear light in one section.
    Take them if you need a bright rear light and don't want to freak out with installing HID.Can't say these are 100% cost-worthy, but they really deserve attention to be paid at!
  • White Light Bulbs

    posted by Bulgina

    Lights look good, there is no slack in the joints of parts, lenses do not hang out and installed smoothly. However, the lenses are made ??of plastic, but this is not surprising. All of the lamps are made at a decent level - no rough edges and flaws rough casting or forging. Bases look better quality than the native plant bulbs in Russia. However, the quality of light at first glance completely fine with me. They even neater plant variations "Lighthouse" and others, which can be bought in the shops of my city.
    My verdict - justifiable investment.
    When buying note the shape of the light beam.
  • these are bright!

    posted by minitruck

    Nice looking and well constructed set of LED bulbs. Very bright and should give more useful light than the standard incandescent bulbs. Very white color, there is nothing warm about these
    These project only forward light, almost nothing to the side, so installing these into a reflector housing doesn't make use of the reflector. In some applications that might not look right..
    I installed these into the taillights of my GMC S15 as reverse lights. Curious how these will help to reverse in the dark..
  • Review!!!

    posted by ScATh

    - Bright light. - They are white. - Fit very well. - All LED's are still working (after six months of use). - Easy to install.
    - I used for the light of reverse on my car, they are very good and distinguishable. - If I remember I will post some images.
    Very good product, I recommend it. If you want to use all the lights of your car with LED, this is the one for your white reverse light. Is just what the product description says.

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