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car led bulb white Customers Reviews

  • can use

    posted by Kuzzbox

    These lights can be used. Have not a bad brightness.
    Yes, and you still need to attach the scheme of the electrical connection for inexperienced drivers..
    In the end the main thing that hands grew not out of the ass :)
  • Good quality, high price

    posted by leta1983

    Good quality. ALU housing. Fits nicely in T10 connector. It is ok for indoor use or to illuminate close objects in the dark.
    No other thoughts. I will probably use it for other purpose than I've intended to use it.
    It is much more expensive than other similar products. Definitely not for daytime running lights.
  • Perfect for my register plate lights

    posted by gua_rana

    - Very bright
    - The light output is pure white. No yellow tint, no blue tint. Just pure white.
    - T-shape makes all the light going to where i want it to go without reflective surfaces. Reflectors decrease overall efficiency.
    Replaced my Volvo S90 register plate lighting with these. Looks awesome! Even better in the winter time when snow reflects the pure white light.
    A perfect buy for Volvo S90 register plate lighting.
  • Equal quality to those found in the store

    posted by camperuk

    -compact-very bright-low heat-similar quality to those sold in the store
    They are polarised so there is only one way they will work. If not, just turn them 180 degrees in the connector.
    Bulbs work great, produce a little bit of heat, draw less current and give away nice icy white light.
  • Dealdo Light. DIY dive marker from dx blinkers

    posted by ARYcave

    good for DIY (see pics of Deal-do Lights here)
    Report on my underwater marker-light DIY project using these blinkers. Deal-do (name is coined by myself now!) lights.
    - tested to 300'+ ffw
    - powered by 4x600ma Li-Ion AA size, 14-16V, approx $12 total
    - 3W light emitter is automotive LED blinker (Pair/DC 12V)
    - burn time while still having a good brightness is 5 hrs (it still burns forever after that and gets tester bored)
    - twisting action power switch is magnetic reed operated from outside by magnet on a double loop of nylon line covered by 1.5 inch long bike innertube ring.
    - sticklight is slightly positive in water column and easily clipped to ziptie or double ended clip to it body (container has a groove under neck)
    - container comes from fitness drink $3 (swill tastes good too), make sure it is the cap with silicon film and not foil-sticker gasket (those will leak)
    - almost 360 deg light output
    - very durable heavy duty body
    - flood stage video/photo light for wet conditions (cave). For photo scene you need 6-10 of them which create smooth spotless light.
    - submersible marker stick light
    - utility backup light while caving/sump diving
    This and more DIY at Picasa (it might annoy you with registration - sorry google sux):
    Example of use in caves: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ary-cave/sets/72157625570079038/
    If you heat up non-value CD, shape it as reflector while plastic is formable and stick this D-light in it - you could have a somewhat directional light pointed at some degree up without setting it on a tripod or anything.
    Hopefully I entertained you today. Dive safe and have fun. DX automotive LEDs are good for Dealdo Lights!


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