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car leather Customers Reviews

  • Awesome!

    posted by Detailfreak

    You'll get all you need for your phone in one package, for car and carrying.
    The holder and attaching cup towards window seems PRO. Similar items are listed a lot more pricey.
    Must have package. "Leather case" do smell, but not annoyingly much.
  • The best wheel cover in DX so far.

    posted by nl2br

    It's very strong. Very nice feeling. Not genuine leather (as far as I can tell by its smell). Comes pre-stitched along the borders to make it easier to stitch (the same as the pictures). You cannot tell by the pictures whether or not it comes pre-stitched, but it does.
    I'll be buying more of this stuff. They have a really good finish. Will be posting photos later.
    I highly recommend this, I installed it myself in 2 hours and looks almost original. (Peugeot 206)
  • Good

    posted by alenanetwork

    Braid went perfectly to the size of my steering. The edges of the formed joint to joint, without overlap. Indeed, it seems that it is real leather. From inside the enclosing pad, due to this drive has become much thicker and softer.
    Steering wheel of the Hyundai Solaris has several protruding elements, making it difficult for sewing, but overall was not bad.
    A great solution but those who do not want to pay much for the steering wheel, but does not want to hold on to the plastic. 1.5 hours, $ 7 and leather steering wheel ready)
  • Useful but expencive for this much material

    posted by feferron

    Very good for keeping your Auto gear knob clean and without skratches,useful thing for every use in car, if you plan to sell your car some day, sure you ll get better price if your gear is clean
    I think that price should be way much lower becouse it is too expencive if you take into consideration how much smalll amount of material is used..However,I get it and I m gonna use it..
    If you really need to protect your gear it is usefull but too much expencive
  • not bad but not great.

    posted by jason3947

    -nice style
    -metal peices not coated plastic
    -laser engraved.. bottom casing thing
    -great mounting hardware, should be inclded on other shifer.
    - the stiching is actually fairly nice to look at.
    it makes me sad that some poor
    madeius ofplasticus had to die to cover this "shift knob" in pleather. its just in humane, why not just use something else like leather or snake skin?
    not bad but would opt for the other one if you can get hardware from somewhere else.

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