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Welcome to our car laptop universal online shop. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Find more popular products from htc universal car, universal car set. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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car laptop universal Customers Reviews

  • -

    posted by cortel

    The small size allows it easy to carry in the car. Lightweight, durable. Qualitatively made ??parts. Included adapters allow wider use of the device.
    For the price is very, very affordable. In Russia the price tags starting at the low quality of the inverter from $ 50. The quality justifies the cost of the device
    Useful device in the car. Perfect for a long journey, and when working with your laptop. As a result, I can only recommend to purchase this product and are not afraid of the consequences of use.
  • Very good replacement or car-PSU for laptop

    posted by Warp3

    Suitable for many branches and types of laptopsCan be used in a car/plane with 12V cigarettelighter-socketCan also be used to charge mobile-phone or power external USB-devices which need extra power from a second USB-cable/socket.It even has a metal casing !
    Does not include big HP-plug !
    Very good product with many possibilities and it's cheap, but not poorly build
  • Decent adapter for multiple notebooks

    posted by wiren

    - Ideal for exhaustive notebook users or work traveling
    - You can use multiple notebooks and have only one adapter
    - Selectable Voltage, so you can use almost any notebook
    - The cable is really looong, so you can pull it even to the backseats
    - Power cable is long also, you can just pop it inside the selve, rack, door or anywhere else
    - The reduction connector system is pretty interesting. It certainly does work and can be a plus for some people
    - You may not need it for more than for one long travel, but when you have it, you can charge your notebook any time. On the way from friend, customer, client, your girl, and the best part... when your friends need to charge a lap on any party / any other occasion, just pop it in your car, set voltage, put reduction, and you're on.
    Good little adapter with really loong cables. Which is extreme plus.
  • Great product

    posted by drodrigo

    This laptop power adapter is very versatile. Comes with several tips which you can change in order to fit your laptop. Output voltage is selectable among 12,15,16,18,19,20,22 and 24V. Input voltage is auto-sense 100~240V. Also accepts +12V from car cigarrete lighter!!!
    The charger case seems to be aluminum, and gets really hot when charging for long time, but keeps working so far...
    Good choice. The possibility of charging the laptop in the car during a trip is worth buying it!
  • Super item!! Get one or two NOW!

    posted by BingoBingo

    This was soooo cool! I Live in Norway where we have 220-230V and it worked very nice. (Had to use another Braun model cable, but this is easy to find, I guess everyone own at least 3-4 already!) I was also impressed that you can charge your PC in the car! What more can you expect in this pricerange? Oh, yes there is one last surprise; It even got a slot for USB charging for your MP3 gadgets!
    I can't understand how they can sell this item so cheap! Here in Norway we have to pay USD 100 for a simmilar charger!
    Buy one, just to have in case your original charger breaks down, or if you want one extra for charging in your car, work or on holiday! It even charge MP3 players!!!

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