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On this page, you can find a wide selection of car gps bluetooth. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Find more popular products from android car gps, gps car adapter. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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car gps bluetooth Customers Reviews

  • gps/bluettooth touchscreen radio

    posted by madvet

    Looks great. No super small fiddly buttons but large volume and navi buttons. Well packaged.
    As always dx delivers. And in therare case something goes wrong they solve your problem or refund you.Well packaged, thick foam padding.
    Nice, good looking, simple navi.Just make sure you've installed a radio or2before. Than this won't cause any problems.
  • Nice system

    posted by Arqueiro

    This is a nice sound system for your car, bet of all it runs android system, that means that you cam also install another aplications on you sound, also, you can acess internet and other stuff, it has wifi internet and bluetooth, northing mora to say about it.
    very nice, northing mora to say about it., northing mora to say about it.northing mora to say about it.northing mora to say about it.northing mora to say about it.northing mora to say about it.
    its very nice for the price, here in brazil it cousts about USD 900, northing mora to say about it.
  • Easy to use, compact

    posted by yorky2011

    Worked fine out of the box, pair it with your PC/device and away it goes. Startup time in capturing satellites was adequate, I don't think its overly fast but does the job for the price just fine.
    Power switch is a little flimsy but not a really big issue. I noticed when you use the USB cable to charge, Windows keeps coming up and down that a USB device is there so that can get a little crazy but best to charge it with a power to USB adaptor or something.
    Great specs for the price.
  • !!Great and Cheap!!

    posted by lmnewey

    Seems to Track very quickly once it has obtained a lock on to sattelites and can be operated on its own internal battery, i use it when wardriving with my laptop and also as with my mobile phone for directions works imediatly with both no need to fiddle just flick the switch pair and your away
    even thought its cheap body melts quiet easily and i have had problems with the battery discharging when you leave a plug in i still bought a second and a third one after the first melted and i still recommended it to my friends
    very cheap unit wich can have a few uses to a person with imagination. works well as a gps for navigation and for mapping as it outputs a standard NMEA stream wich is supported by software such as googlemaps and net stumbler and with kismet and airodump
  • Excellent device and compatibility

    posted by cycler

    Decent plastics quality, Cheap, Good audio performance, Quick GPS lock, Beautiful interface - icons - wallpapers, Snappy responses...
    All functions worked in my NISSAN NOTE!Even the steering wheel controls can be set-up through the 'wheel' menu icon.No hassle in connections, the adapter cable is very useful, only 6 of the eight screws aligned with the holes though.It runs 'Igo 8' from the dedicated micro-sd card like a charm.
    I am very happy with this buy!I highly recommend it for replacement of the original Nissan Connect, this is a much better device overall.

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