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Every single car dvr displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. You can find what you want at ir car dvr, lson car dvr. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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car dvr Customers Reviews

  • Sunny

    posted by cwfsc

    Received the gadget today. It is instead worth waiting. The plastic casing fits very well. Although the casing material can't campare with branded models, it has decent quality & feel. The camcorder is packed with features to suit various needs. Took an indoor short video this evening and it was quite ok. The battery is a common Nokia's 2nd generation type. Connecting the Cam to PC will start charging the battery only. My PC recognises the Cam once it is turned on. The common DCIM & MISC subdirectories can be accessed easily. Yet to explore the capability of the 'engine' at this point in time. I use a 8GB Class SDHC, it works. I put a 16GB Class 10 SDHC in, th Cam also works. The camera is light. It should not be any problem if someone decided to use it as CarCam. Suction cup mouting tool is provided. After received this Cam, I regret paying US$120 for a Spotcam less than a month ago.
    I am to mount this camcorder onto my Remote Control TX for taking Video on my RC planes & Quadcopters flys.
    "Value For Money". Strongly recommended.
  • Good car DVR

    posted by ground76

    Lightweight, wireless, easy enough to use as soon as you can make the default language in english, at first mine came in in chinese.
    Even if it seems to build in a poor plastic quality, the image and light weight of the unit makes it perfect to have fun recoding in car, because it does stick in your windshield.
    For the price, its really a good buy to do. It comes with all the wires and plug for the car and computer. Even the thingy to stick the unit to the windshield
  • Great Dashcam, perfect size!

    posted by Neillo21

    Got this Camera Few days ago, camera is nice and small, easy to navigate the Menus, If there was an accident the Hazzard Lock Video button is easy to reach while your driving!, All black Design Blends in nicely with my truck.Camera only takes 4 seconds to power on and start recording video! Screen makes it easy to review video or still images, can delete / lock / or unlock all videos easily from the camera itself.
    not really a con, but for me it is that the power cord for in my truck could be about another foot longer, but for the normal vehicle cord would be long enough, i have a large window and i tucked the cord all the way around and hid under my dash.
    Glad i bought this Camera with a 32Gb Micro Sd card, The 1080p Video looks awesome compared to others ive seen. for the few dollars extra over the cheaper lower quality cameras, this was $$ well spent! Have recommended to others
  • Car DVR Camcorder

    posted by tonicnor

    An excellent device. Small in size but much functional. 8GB hvataett 4.4 hours recording time. bright clear screen. If properly otegulirovat it can be seen at night.
    The power cord is very long, had ukarachivat. The wire was stretched and spirals, as appropriate. I would like to have lights for night vision. because not everything is visible at night.
    A normal registrar. There are small flaws but they are not much affect the overall result. The price corresponds to the product.
  • A great product

    posted by Grommi

    Good appearance.Good quality and performance. No different from the original.
    HongChuang WWB65-C 180 Degrees Adjustable ABS Suction Cup Holder Mount for GPS / Car DVR - Black I bought a replacement for your automobile accessory. Very good replacement. Good fit with the interior. I am pleased at the product.
    The fact that I bought HongChuang WWB65-C 180 Degrees Adjustable ABS Suction Cup Holder Mount for GPS / Car DVR - Black I have no regrets.

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