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car door Customers Reviews

  • Solid

    posted by moreorless

    This is made of heavy enough gauge steel so it should be strong enough to handle any mobile antenna . The black paint looks like it is applied well though of course only time will tell how it handles the weather and road salt induced corrosion.
    The bottom bend does not come all the way around like a backward C but it is at a bit of an angle. It looks like it should grab on a the lip of a trunk okay but I haven't had time to install it yet. Look closely at the photo and you can see what I mean about the bend - it is probably made that way so it can fit on some odd shaped angles of trunk lips .
    I bought coax assembly SKU: 199856 Huahong RC-5m UHF Cable to go along with this.
  • BlueLights

    posted by d5stick

    The light is sharp, not too bright but it will make you blind if you keep looking in it.It's a nice item to add in your car, because it's a nice clean color.Quality build is good, nothing special, but it isn't a crappy loose item
    if you want a clean blue color light, and not the standard light it's ideal. It's a little expensive for just 2 led's but they last a lifetime. Money well spend if you ask me!
    buy those! It's a cheap way to "tune" the car with blue lights. And they will work longer than the standard lights in the car.
  • Cheap and nice

    posted by adrian6

    Rubber strips to protect the car doors from slamming against other cars or wall, especially in tight parking lots as well as rough handling by my children. 4 long and 4 short strips are useful for car doors with jutted angles.
    Item is professionally packed
    Still cheaper than what I would have to pay in the local stores.
  • muu bueno el producto

    posted by lulymol23

    muy lindo el producto,facil de usar y muy buen precio.era lo que esperaba,entrega a domocilio muy comoda.
    me hubiera gustado que llegue antes para poder disfrutar del producto con anterioridad pero entiendo los problemas de aduana.por suerte se resolvio el problema
    estoy satisfecha con los productos y volveria a comprar ya que son de buena calidad
  • Good for Their Price

    posted by Watslaw

    They fit common T10 plugs and lamps.
    They are really low consuming LEDs.
    It's a nice replacement for your halogen bulbs.
    They are cheaper than other alternative LEDs sold at DX.
    I'm looking for some LEDs installing which to front lamps I could make them DRL. With their price and low sensitiveness to often switch on and off they would really save HID headlamps which lifetime shortens with every switch on and off.
    Take these as a good and bright replacement for your parking lights but be careful when installing - don't push on them too hard, and remember - they are not so bright as declared, 792LM probably means - for BOTH, because each is around 400LM bright.

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