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car display Customers Reviews

  • Good working

    posted by mackgyver

    Small but easy to read display. Start up is smooth enough to bring a positive voltage on the red and blue wire, and then the black negative. Distribution of red and blue is especially for those who do not want to use the same power source for the measurement and power supply voltmeter. I bought this because it was one of the cheapest which i found
    It is good voltmeter for car and similar use
    Good price for this product.
  • Nice product

    posted by yuan_jeff

    Cheapest Bluetooth car kit from DX as i can tell. Ever since my city made it law no cell phone'ing while driving, I've been paying attention to car kits. I placed it right on my dashboard, fits nice and low so it don't block like the speedometer. The volume is quite loud, but obviously you'll have to roll up your windows and turn down the radio. it does have a ext mic spot so you can go through your car radio if you like. but i think it's loud enough. when talking, the other person will know that you're on like a speaker mic. but still hear fine.
    It also came with a sticky mate to place under the kit so it's more stable on the surface.
    Good so far.
  • good clock

    posted by bujdos

    Good brightness of display, adjustable in 3 steps.Clock back-up by internal battery, quite accurate (error ~1 sec per week).Simple control.
    Thermometer reasonably accurate, resolution 1°C. Resolution of 0.1°C would be nice (although the practical usefulness of such resolution is questionable).When supply voltage is less then ca. 10V, the reading of the voltmeter is wrong (although the gadget works from 5-6V). At 13.5 V it draws 40-50 mA.
    The display has a bit "dense" look, the numerals are close to each other.
  • Works well, bright, easy to use

    posted by jwardell

    The size is actually larger than I expected, LEDs are bright and easy to read. Easily programmed. Physically just what I was looking for to put in my car window.
    Opens easily with four small screws. Remote sensor is easily found and just bend back 180 degrees and resolder. Drill small hole in the back, and now remote works great from the rear, within your car.
    Cheap, works well for the most part. I wanted to keep it in my car to tell drivers I pass to "Hang up and drive" or "Keep right when not passing" but too many keystrokes to really do that while driving.
  • Muy buen sitema de seguridad

    posted by Ivanluc

    Practico y bastante fácil de instalar, muy buen kit con todo lo necesario y primordial para la instalación y puesta en funcionamiento. la Guia de instalación es muy simple.Compre dos kit distinto uno para cada color para evitar pintarlos y me dieron muy buen resultado ambos
    Bien instalado tiene un correcto funcionamientoPractico y bastante fácil de instalar, muy buen kit con todo lo necesario. la Guia de instalación es muy simple
    Vuelvo a reiterar que el sistema de reseñas es totalmente poco practico e incomodo se podría sintetizar todo en un solo post


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