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car decoration lights

You can find fashionable car decoration lights at a low price. DX also offers coupon discounts as high as 50% for products on the dx website, offering you huge savings! You can also browse car strobe lights and car head lights. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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car decoration lights Customers Reviews

  • The entire strip consumes 36W

    posted by andbad

    The light is very bright and cold. The material rather resistant. Consumption is much lower than indicated, so that the power purchased (SKU 245115) is also too powerful.
    The total absorption is measured 38W at 12V. If you need to use it at home, you can use a power supply of 50-60W, with lower power consumption. By car, it will not give problems to the electrical system.
    Consumes little power and is a lot of light, at least at night. Excellent.
  • Very nice, cool effect at night

    posted by tigoaraujo

    Easy to install, very simple, no need special tools.it took me less than 5 minutes to complete the installation
    Very nice, cool effect at night.especially if used in car with insulfim the glass as the lights appear only the LED thereby demonstrating a large bargraph, however do not have the same effect in daylight
    i'll buy more one
  • Really pleased

    posted by GraemeEvans

    Uniform brightness + color temp. Good adhesive, simple to fit, easy to solder. Just about the brightest strip in lumens per meter for warm white on DX. Lumen rating 2400 probably about right.
    48w is 4A on 12v - if you're going to run the whole strip. Many mains 12v adapters are only 1-2A. for more than 5m consider powering in sections.Soldering tip: don't just cut down the cut line in the tape, instead cut 1-2mm each side of it so that you just clip the copper pads. Then a blob of solder will easily bridge one section to the next.
    Top quality LED strip, good LED consistency. Consider a dimmer unit depending on your needs. I used 2m behind bed headboard for an nice indirect bedside light alternative. Worked well but glad to have a dimmer as full brightness is enough to sit in bed and read by, but can dial down a bit if you want to set the mood!
  • It is bright with 350 Lumens

    posted by [email protected]

    This 12V bulb is not a decorative only. It is bright with a lot of light with 4W of electricity. I replaced my 12V yard regular light bulb with this one. I changed the transformer to 24V DC from 24V AC with 0.5A using 2 bulbs.
    People with 24V AC transformer having two 12V bulb in series can replace by two LEDs i series with a 24V DC transformer. I had to take out the photo sensor and use just a regular mechanical timer. But it is working beautifully and my front yard is lit well.
    Excellent LED bulb with a lot of light. Can be used as yard light. Make sure you have proper transformer and these bulbs should be connected in series with proper polarity.
  • 1157 5.5W 380LM

    posted by Juan23

    Excellent product, it consumes very little energy, and have a life far larger than the conventional bulbs.
    Really it was an excellent purchase.
    The price is very low compared to lower quality alternatives that are for sale in Brazil.

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