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car cell phone universal

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car cell phone universal Customers Reviews

  • awsome mount holder

    posted by BixyBix

    i bought this for my brother, the material is very high quality, and the finishing was perfect.however its shipped with double face adhesive that you can install it anywherealso you can rotate it 360 dgree, and its stylish and customizable
    it would be nice to produce same quality with a capacity to hold bigger phones and PDAs
    buy it if you have a mobile, but if you have a PDA, tablet or even galaxy note its not the right choice
  • Good gadget for GPS/PDA etc.

    posted by Medvedjonok

    A big suction cup. Looks like a strong holder. I tested it with my iPhone 3G.
    I didn't test it on a road - so I can't say about noise from It. I used similar gadget with annoy noise every time when you drive!
    Nice gadget. Time will show how It's good in a practice.
  • Easy and quick car holder

    posted by ealogar

    This cheap car holder for telephones is very easy to use. It gives you many possibilities of location and you can turn it in many directions.It's very cheap and you can use it with many different telephones.If you want a better suction you may chose a more expensive one but for occassional uses, this may be your election.
    The quality is so so but this is what you have paid
    Overall is good
  • Great product

    posted by jarren84

    Do what it meant to, the make is good plastic...not easily damage...
    maybe can come in more colors so as to match the interior of our cars..a simple LED indicator will be much better so as to let the user knows that the battery is fully charged so as to prevent over charging of any battery.
    Just buy one and try and u will see what i am trying to say. Its really paying peanuts and getting gold nuggets in return...
  • Great product!

    posted by BuzzP

    The build quality is without any doubt in the upper end og what could be expected for a product of this type.It craps and holds the phone etc. perfectly and secures it.A nice touch is when you release the wings, they automaticly moves away from the device, so you can remove your phone etc. with just one hand.Once placed correctly the air vent mount gives a very stury base. It takes a little while to place it, and even more time to remove it again from the ait vent if you want to. But this is a fair price to pay for a good and firm hold.
    The picture background can be replaced with whatever picture you would like, and more important, can be removed so you just have a black base.
    A very good device holder, that can holds a great number of different devices due to the adjustable wings.I would strongly recommend it.

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