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car cell phone holder

You can buy cheap car cell phone holder from us. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Try browsing car cell phone holder cigarette, holder stand car cell phone. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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car cell phone holder Customers Reviews

  • Best car colder ever

    posted by yrtimiD

    I found this car mount holder the best solution ever. The suction mount surface made of some sticky material so it may be mounted not only on windshield but also on relatively smooth dashboard surface and it holds there very well.The device holding pad is very sticky, when removing you have a big chance to leave battery cover on it, but it's easily can be removed with two hands (as manual describe).The device holder plate can be rotated 360° with constant angle stops, so it won't rotate on its own.Because of perfect stickiness it can hold relatively large devices.
    Perfect one-for-all solution, no need to care large number of different holders for different used devices.
    Perfect investment for your money
  • Great phone holder

    posted by merlinofchaos

    Great phone stand. Gripping system is quite original, use something like a hook with a spring. Side and rear of the phone are provided rubber elements that grip the phone steady.
    I use it for about a month and am very pleased
    Overall I am very pleased with purchase
  • your 3rd arm in the car

    posted by rackertamer

    Very easy to install. Good fixation on smooth surfaces. It fixes even where I placed the toll sticker for the motorway (inside of the wind screen).I use it to fix my Samsung SIII to have it closer to my hands instead of using these also useful self adhesive magic mats.
    Looks a little bit cheap but fixation is a s good as expected.
    For white devices a nice and useful solution.
  • excellent option for vent mount

    posted by sssskkkk

    easily connects to car vent, looks like the vent clips mechanism holds it solidphone can rotate to almost any angle, which is very good
    i had another model from DX, which did not have a spring connect like this one, but used just plastic connector with pressurethat one was lasting only few months, where the plastic fatigue from the constant pressure would break eventuallyalso the had to use glue to keep it from wobbling in the ventthis one looks like a much better solution
    if you need a vent mount for your cell phone, buy this one
  • Compact

    posted by Zanga2

    - It is small
    - It is compact by shape
    - It is easy to deploy
    - It's very easy to store, for example you can put in a small glove box when you don't need it.
    - it's adjustable
    - It has good gripping force
    - has anti slipping pads, so you device will not fall off
    - It has a nice twist lock sucker system, not the usual lever one
    it also comes with a double sided adhesive tape and plastic plate which can be glued to the dashboard so it creates another support for the sucker.
    - It's small, compact, easy to affix and use

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