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car bluetooth receiver Customers Reviews

  • Works as expected. The USB port is micro-USB, not mini.

    posted by rvpet

    Small sizeEasy to set-upMany accesories
    It does have a micro-USB port, not a mini-USB as advertised. Even the documentation that comes with the product still says that it is a mini-USB port.For people like me that needs a mini-USB port because of some specific legacy equipemt, this could be a problem.
    A nice product that is worth buying if you want to enable buletooth on legacy equipment.
  • Very nice for connecting car stereo to phone

    posted by yrtimiD

    Very nice for streaming music from phone's player to the car stereo.Very small design, do not take much place.Works only while power connected and starts pairing mode if nothing connected, so no buttons needed at all. Acceptable sound quality for standard car stereo system. I'm personally do not feel difference between this and direct AUX connection.Package content:* Usb power cable (not a standard usb to miniusb, but usb to round plug)* Car USB charger (reusable with any other USB connection)* Audio cable 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack (not very best quality, but acceptable)* Audio cable 3.5mm jack to 2 RCA plugs
    Very nice for it's price and very convenient to have one in a car to not get tangled with cables
  • Great product

    posted by SavageZaing

    Small, cheap, very easy to setup, made it work with my windows mobile device with tomtom in minutes. Work nicely even indoors.
    Charges from standard mini USB, making it great for use with many of the USB-car adapters available on DX. Especially when you have multiple USB charging devices in your car.
    Delivery was prompt and without a hitch.
    Get it, you won't be disappointed. Great product for a great price. Can pay up to 5 times more for a similar product at other shops
  • Works well for orienteering

    posted by kjetilk

    I've used it for analysis of my course in orienteering, a sport where one runs in the forest with a detailed map. It works well for this purpose. Even in dense forest, reception is adequate, and it can easily show where I slowed down or made a mistake. It seems to have a fair battery time. It also works well with gpsbabel on Linux, using the m241 protocol.
    I've heard some other orienteers recommend GlobalSat BT-338X (SKU: 82660).
    It works well for my purpose, is small and nice for running. I would certainly recommend it to other orienteers who want a cheap logger-only GPS.
  • Seems to work fine

    posted by Alacritous

    Hooked it up to my car stereo and works fine with my phone. I get in, set my phone to play through the unit and listen to my tunes. Hard to screw that up. It works as advertised.
    having an always on mode would be nice.
    It works as advertised. Sounds decent through my car speakers with little to no distortion. But I'm not picky. Your mileage may vary.

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