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capacitive touch screen pen

On this page, you can find a wide selection of capacitive touch screen pen. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX is the best cool gadgets provider, so take action now and come take a look at our site dx.com.
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capacitive touch screen pen Customers Reviews

  • Simple but perfect

    posted by pepelondono

    This stylus pen for the iPad is just perfect. It has been working for me when I use it in my iPod touch 4, and also works perfectly on my iPad mini. I just couldn´t ask for more, and for this price is amazing!!! My mom often borrow it and she´s just in love with it, she has already asked me to buy her another one
    Could have had different colours tho.Maybe red, black or blue would rock it!
    If other colours were available, I would probably have others to swap between days :)
  • Good product

    posted by marksman1

    Pen of excellent quality, cute, useful, easy to handle, with one tip to use tablets, and one if U need a pen. Beautiful, practical and useful. Should be quite useful to users in iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch, or other tablets, smartphones... I've tested this product on my ASUS tablet, and SONY, HTC smartphones, it works very well
    Recommended, Don't think again.. It's cheap and works good... Buy it.
    Nice product, not expensive, rather cheap. I like it. It works really a lot better than expected. Very recommended deal, great price and service...
  • Nice stylus, nice price!

    posted by soorlhaw

    The stylus is very good-looking, with black alloy and transcluent details. It works fine for the most, and it is pretty exactly. The length of the product is perfect, nad you can easily have it in you pocket, or wherever you want. The price of 2 bucks is really good, in my local shop I have to pay 10 bucks! Works on my Eee-Pad.
    It's worth the price, it's a good product!
    If you are searching for a stylus, choose this one!
  • works very well

    posted by mathijs18652

    this stylus does work on capacitive touchscreens, it is also very accurate and works just like a finger but a lot more accuate because you finger isn't in your line of sight when looking at where your actualy pointing. helps great when on the internet since regular pages have very narrow and close buttons (dealextreme for instance, just try to get to your wishlist, i guaranty you won't hit it the first time. with this stylus it is very easy to do this so i recommend it to anyone who uses their mobile/tablet for regular internet.
    great stylus, lenght is just right and has 3 stand but most people will only able to hold it comfortably at the longest stand.
    get this, it is great but if your planning on using it every day i reccomend you buy a few more.
  • It really rocks

    posted by biker750

    This touch pen is the best one that I ever used. I had two other brand touch pen but Rock Retractable Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus Pen is the number one. First of all it's so light that you can easily forget you are carrying a touch pen. It's retractable that means it fits all type of fingers, short or long. I tried the stylus on my HTC One S and Asus Transformer Tablet and the the touch's are %100 accurate
    The anti-dust plug is very helpfull for carrying the touch pen easily attached to your phone or tablet.
    The white color and the plastic around the stylus is very good quality

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