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capacitive screen Customers Reviews

  • Not bad

    posted by MrBuffon

    Its cheap for what it can do; 4 in 1, got nice style as well its working perfectly and easy to use of course for anyone without a bother. This stylus pen with the laser will help a lot during presentations.
    Nothing in my mind at the moment except that the "stylus and pen" can be opened and closed like the battery socket; by turning it, and not pulling it which made it a little loosely.
    I'm just glad that I bought it, and I appreciate this amazing site that provided it for me.
  • Really good

    posted by iworm

    Frankly superb for the money. Works great. Standard Android, and already rooted! Wifi good. Everything basically is fine.
    Found it had an SD card slot - nice. Runs all the apps we've tried so far - the benefits of standard, non-mucked around with, Android!
    Basically, for the money, this is superb. Bought two, pink and blue, for the children to use around the house. And they are fabulous for that.
  • Ipad 4 alternative?

    posted by sasa2h

    First impression was very good. There is constant firmware update and some custom. I am using custom ROM named "Kasty Android 4.2.2 V3.0" – it’s rooted, English, removed Chinese and almost all unnecessary applications + some small fixes. Tablet is running smooth but there are still some fixes to be done.
    Tablet is on the same technical, close on aesthetic and close on build quality level as Ipad 4 for 1/3 of it’s price.
  • works very well

    posted by mathijs18652

    this stylus does work on capacitive touchscreens, it is also very accurate and works just like a finger but a lot more accuate because you finger isn't in your line of sight when looking at where your actualy pointing. helps great when on the internet since regular pages have very narrow and close buttons (dealextreme for instance, just try to get to your wishlist, i guaranty you won't hit it the first time. with this stylus it is very easy to do this so i recommend it to anyone who uses their mobile/tablet for regular internet.
    great stylus, lenght is just right and has 3 stand but most people will only able to hold it comfortably at the longest stand.
    get this, it is great but if your planning on using it every day i reccomend you buy a few more.
  • Sick phone, horrible software

    posted by lanester202020

    Nice looking phone, good processor, good buttons.
    havingg issues with wifi signal disconnecting, battery was also junk in my opinion, mine lasts about 4.5h
    nice phone but you need to root n kinda a headache at first if you dont know how. also alot easier to do on the v880 then on this model

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