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capacitive screen stylus black

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capacitive screen stylus black Customers Reviews

  • OK stylus for a very nice price

    posted by jahhhjohhh

    Rubber tip stays in very well, also after prolonged use and for several months. I have used multiple styluses and this is one of the best in that respect.It is not too short (but shouldnt be shorter than this).Looks cool with the decorative stones on the shaft, the stones also give the stylus a little more grip compared to others.This stylus certainly has a good accuracy for drawing (in Draw Something, etc)
    Add a little more weight to it for it to be convenient for drawing.
    Well performing small stylus for a very nice price. Also it looks cool. Usefull for drawing.
  • Stylus Pen

    posted by Polyname

    It´s a light product and can be taken with ease, works fine with many tablets I´ve used it on.It also has de dust plug so that´s another plus.
    I think It´s may be too small, but i do have big hands so it´s probably fine.
    It´s a good pen for those that prefer using a stylus over a finger, and for the price it a great adquisition.It´s a nice little gift for cellphone/tablet lovers
  • Good quality, really protable

    posted by hernantojo7

    Portable: it is smaller than standard capactive touch screen stylus pen, so you can take with any device.Quality is good eider the tip, the general construction an looks durable.It has a holding system to plug in your device headset plug which is good to carry.it is very convenient and the 2 units package is really a good option, for 2 persons or to use in 2 devices.
    A very good option. it helps to keep screen clean of finger marks
  • works very well

    posted by mathijs18652

    this stylus does work on capacitive touchscreens, it is also very accurate and works just like a finger but a lot more accuate because you finger isn't in your line of sight when looking at where your actualy pointing. helps great when on the internet since regular pages have very narrow and close buttons (dealextreme for instance, just try to get to your wishlist, i guaranty you won't hit it the first time. with this stylus it is very easy to do this so i recommend it to anyone who uses their mobile/tablet for regular internet.
    great stylus, lenght is just right and has 3 stand but most people will only able to hold it comfortably at the longest stand.
    get this, it is great but if your planning on using it every day i reccomend you buy a few more.
  • Nice small looking 2-in-1 stylus

    posted by F4LLCON

    It is small, thin and nice looking with a nice touch. It works great on Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sensation XL screen. It also has a pen if you need to write something down. It is small so you can put it in your pocket.
    It looks nice and stylish. It has a nice metallic feel.
    I would recommend this stylus for the price and looks. You can use it on a lot of screens and it looks really nice.

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