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cap hat Customers Reviews

  • nice hat

    posted by Juniperus

    Well, this is a hat that fits your head size 59 better than good, it is, therefore, just the right size. The price of the hat is quite reasonable, so it is suitable for smaller budgets to be acquired. The color is brownish and has a darker spots included. The weight of the hat is quite light and the brim is not hardened, hat, therefore, goes into a very small package, even in your pocket if necessary. Hat is ideal for summer use by good airflow of the hat. Too much heat, therefore, evaporates easily into the air. A hat fits for many environmental surroundings , the beach, walk in the woods or just an urban environment. In conclusion the hat seems to be very versatile.
    The price is right and the hat fits to #59 head very nice.
  • Awesome and fun!

    posted by Ravefirell

    Very cheap compared to store prices around here even though built quality is the same. Well stitched, great materials and comfortable. The design is very fun and a good topic for conversation.
    It's a baseball cap... of course it's useful for locking the sun.
    Good for everyday wear if your bold enough. You may get many strange looks from passerbyers.
  • Great hat if you have a BIG head

    posted by IgalY

    Great hat, I use mine almost every day (it's 32C centigrade here in October). I just love the color.Had to install a 1" wide band inside it to make it useful, but there's plenty of space for it.
    Buy it if you have really BIG head. Buy it and install a band if you have normal or small head.
  • Cool Toy, Not Really Practical

    posted by ChapmanFok

    -There's a fan on the hat. What's not to like about that?-The strap is velcro, which I prefer over the traditional clicky button things that wear out over time.-Solar powered, no need to replace battery.
    Niche market due to its cons.
    No point getting it. The breeze generated is insignificant. And it only runs in direct sunlight meaning you're getting beatened by the sun to run that fan. The opening doesnt provide shade either.If you're back is against the sun and must be out in the open, then I guess it's ok. Other than that, I dont see any other use for it.
  • Nice hat, very cute!

    posted by guidolarrain

    That's perfect for babies, everything works fine as expected. Relation Item / Price is perfect! you will not be disappointed. If your having or have a baby, you need to buy this!
    It is OK considering the price that you are paying for this good. Other than that everything is good!!
    I think it was a good deal to buy this hat. Worth their price. i'm happy about it!!

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