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  • Good extra lens caps

    posted by Mantichore

    If you have a (Digital) Canon camera, these are very good spare lens caps to have. I use these for my Canon EOS 600D, and they fit very well on the default 18-55mm lens as well as the body. Use it to protect your body when removing or changing a lens, and to protect the back of your lens when not using it on your body.
    These lens caps can come in very handy, especially if you are a bit of a do-it-yourself and want to make your custom lenses (such as a tilt-shift lens).
    Good caps to protect your Canon lens/body.
  • Good product!

    posted by ricky1001

    Comfortable,easy installation
    It fits tight on the sticks and feels proctes them.Highly recommended for xbox 360 controllers.The xbox 360's rubber gets worn out pretty quickly since they are not of good material.Hope this lasts long.
    My xbox 360's analog sticks rubber eventually weared away and it was hard to control with the thumbs as it became slippery.I am using this to get the rubberised touch of the analog sticks back.
  • Unique and functional

    posted by Hindenberg

    This tire valve caps are unique and they look good. They've help up well so far. The caps thread on easily, stay on tight, and are reasonably priced.
    Don't over-tighten or it is extremely difficult to remove. If you have a military themed project, these type of accents will set your project apart.
    If you're looking for a functional and unique item to set yourself apart, this would be a good choice. The price is reasonable and they hold up well.
  • Works fine no far

    posted by dlucas

    * Really cheap;* Actually works;* Fairly easy to install/remove;* I had to use the adapter that comes with the cap, but did not notice any vignetting;
    I used it on a Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX, with a mounted UV filter.The plastic adapter that comes with the cap was required and it does not "feel" as a perfect fit. But at the end of the day, it works.
    Despite the (lesser) cons, I'm satisfied with this cap.
  • The lens cap for my lenses

    posted by kurt1602

    I have bought and use various sizes of this type of lens cap even I seldom loose a lens cap. When I buy a lens, new or old, I insist on using a center pinch type of lens cap. If lens cap is missing or it is of the "outer pinch only" type I replace it with this type.
    In another review (the 72mm size) I complained of the spring action being too weak, causing the cap falling off in the bag. In all fairness I have only experienced this weakness once. I have bought other, both 72mm and 77mm, and both have a sufficient spring action.Some may like to tether the cap using the supplied string. I take it as a joke and throw it away.
    This type of goodies make me happy to visit DX.

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