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canon wireless remote Customers Reviews

  • You won't find anything better for the price!

    posted by mdwyer

    Very easy to use. Load it up with batteries, plug it in, flip one switch, hold down one button, and you're working!
    RF-based transmission allows you to hide the transmitter out of sight of the camera.
    This is probably my favorite accessory for my camera. It makes taking portaits of children SO much easier. You just set the camera on a tripod, and then you can step away from the camera and trigger it from anywhere in the room.
    This should among the first accessories you get for your new DSLR.
  • Working as expected

    posted by czernitko

    I am using this with Pentax K20D and I am fully contended. Receiver can be used without battery to release the shutter, which is great. Transmitter works as expected, it has two positions - one for focus and one for shutter release (unlike IR switches here on DX). I didn't test the effective distance for releasing shutter, just in-room photos, and it works great. I had no problem setting channels (we have 3 switches of this kind in our family)... Switch is small, which is very good as it can doesn't take too much space in my photo bag.
    Overall usefulness is pretty high, no more problem with group photos... It does exactly what I expected it to do.
    I recommend buying it for use with k20d, as it is better than IR remotes around here on DX - I bought one IR but it couldn't auto focus, it could only release shutter with built-in receiver on k20d...
  • An awesom cheap good Wireless shutter release remote!!

    posted by wiersma

    A cheap very good working remote control for top DSLR's.. I've seen a JVC lookalike of this. That one is eve twice the price maybe more!. I use this a lot, it's fast. And it's works easy.. Just swicht one button to have the richt shutter option.
    It works very well with the Canon EOS 7d. It is very good for this cheap price. I would even reccomend this one for the 7d. because it works very easy!!
    It's an awesome cheap very good wireless shutter remote!!!
  • Excellent product

    posted by jlcoelho

    Very good. I did all the test modules work and worked perfectly. So much for the external flash as the remote control for the camera. It's small, easy to carry and store. I recommend everyone this product. Excellent. Just place the transmitter on the camera and the receiver flashes and clicking. The light is perfect.
    Greatly facilitated my work. Now it is easy to reach because the photocell had the desired range. I can position the flashes anywhere they shoot without the slightest problem.
    Excellent. Recommend this product to everyone. I liked too. It's amazing how he reacts well to camera controls. Easy, fast and with excellent quality. Perfect. Can buy without fear that can not go wrong.
  • Wireless Timer Remote Control TW282

    posted by Dadao

    This is an excellent product, high-performance, I believe to be one of the best Wireless Timer Remote Control, is a product the Original Pixel. Tested it on my camera Canon Rebel T1i and it worked perfectly. Is special to work with single shooting, continuous shooting whitin one second Delay, BULB shooting and Delay shooting. Ideal tool to prepare photos par works with time-lapse.
    Advise the Dealextreme improve the description and data about the product on the site, this will improve the vision of interested and attract more buyers. There is a lot of information about this product on Google and its applications. I have a product manual in Portuguese of Brazil, that means, if you have interest can provide, free of charge.
    Its ok

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