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  • Great Piece!

    posted by Thepps

    Its a great piece. Made of hard plastic, works just fine and has a great price.
    All work well with my Canon 5d Mark II, and the i got no complains.It took me a while to discover that the battery is planted upside down for avoid battery waste, so its a good tip for other like me that do not know that.
    Totaly worth the price, and its a good purchase.
  • Great for time laps photography

    posted by indreko

    For those who want to make time-laps photos, it's perfect. Build quality is deacent, great value and easy to use. Manual is really well made for those, who don't know what settings you need to put in your camera. It don't have any mooving parts taht could break down, so you will be using for long time.
    For those who want to make time-laps photos, it's perfeckt. You need to make some room in your bag because of it's size but it's with all similar remotes.
    Buy it, it's worth it.
  • Almost perfect

    posted by DJGate

    This Wired Remote Shutter (WRS) nice and usefull. Have very simple and powerfull menu. Easy access to all changing options. Cable length are comfortable. Can shutter with intervals (in very flex range and step) and without/with frames count limit (for that mode WRS buying). WRS can usefull like a simple wired remote to shuttering with no touching camera. Works great with Canon Kiss Digital X (400D in Japan market). Have LCD backlight, usefull in the dark.
    On the whole, this WRS very usefull and looks reliable. As for me, I'm very happy, that now, I'm don't needed to take my notebook for making time-intervals photography or staying near camera with clocks in long-long time and shutter every 4 second :)
    Recommend for all, witch cameras supported by this WRS.p.s. Sorry for my English, I'm russian.
  • This is a must buy!

    posted by smarib

    its light its cheap it is really good and its WAY cheaper than the ones you find in iceland,, they cost around 200$ and this one only 22, thats what i call a good dealit can take good timelapse it works good with bulb mode the lcd lights up it can take a timelaps for 999 hours 999 minits and 999 seconds
    get it! get it! this is something you must buy and should not not buy
    buy it its cheap works well does its job and is good
  • Mast have!

    posted by Morok

    It's awesome!First of all, it has english manual, so you can learn how to use it without searching the internet.It has good build quality - hard and solid - with a long wire.It's universal - you can use it almost on any DSLR cameras.It can transform your low-level camera into high-level camera (well, in some cases), because it can expand abilities of your camera.
    It have really big variety of abilities and uses, so you need to think - do you need them? If so - buy it without hesitation! It's totally worth it!
    Awesome thing, i like it very much and use it when i need to shut something with camera on tripod, or when i don't want to touch camera and avoid any tremor or shakes..


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