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canon remote shutter Customers Reviews

  • Can cause a lot of fun!

    posted by paskam

    This device can cause a lot of fun! it has two modes, very useful for shooting a self portrait. On your camera you can choose the option for remote shutter. on your remote you can choose weather the camera has to make a direct picture, or has to wait for two seconds, so you have the time to hide the remote before the picture is taken.The remote is also useful for making stereo pictures with two camera's. (tested with EOS 600 and EOS 550)also very useful when taking pictures on a cheap unstable tripod.
    Useful device, works with several camera's and can cause a lot of fun.
    I do definitely not regret this!
  • Superb value

    posted by fettler

    First and foremost amazing value for money. It focuses the camera with a half press and takes the picture with a full press. I've not tried it much outside yet, but works fine indoors. I've had no trouble with miss fires or not firing at all. The receiver part has an on off switch and two LED's one lights when its focusing and the other lights when its firing the shutter. The transmitter has a single two colour LED, again one for focusing and one for firing. The transmitter has a plastic areal that pulls out of the body.
    Works great and for the money WOW! Mine is the model for a 50d
    If you want a wireless transmitter for your camera, then this one works a treat.
  • Great for time laps photography

    posted by indreko

    For those who want to make time-laps photos, it's perfect. Build quality is deacent, great value and easy to use. Manual is really well made for those, who don't know what settings you need to put in your camera. It don't have any mooving parts taht could break down, so you will be using for long time.
    For those who want to make time-laps photos, it's perfeckt. You need to make some room in your bag because of it's size but it's with all similar remotes.
    Buy it, it's worth it.
  • Excellent Value!

    posted by skegger

    Excellent Price! Canon charge a premium price for their OEM hardware and their remote shutter switches are no exception. This one is under $5 and the build quality is excellent.It has a nice thick cable and sturdy body with nice rigid cable relievers on the plug and switch end. For such a bargain price it looks like it was built to last.
    If you're into long exposure photography or you're using a tripod this product is great. Eliminate blurry camera shake!
    If this is something you think you might need, get it anyway. You're not going to find a better price with free shipping!
  • Wired Remote Shutter Release Switch

    posted by ladroop

    Works as expected. press half for focus, press fully for shutter,. The shutter half got more mechanical resistance so it's east to feel what your doing. When the lock is on it will stay in the pressed (shutter open) position. Mechanically well build (screws , not glued)
    Ideal for pictures on a tripod if you don't want to hold the camera or if you need a real long shutter time


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