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canon remote controller Customers Reviews

  • Great Battery grip

    posted by leojulien

    The grip fix perfectly in the camera, an it looks like a part of the body. The colour and quality of the plastics are the same as the Canon body. The grip increse the camera-weight but it gives more stability.As well as being cheap, it gives you autonomy with the two batteries slots.Verry confortable grip.
    more autonomy
    autonomy, stability, quality, performance and good manufactured. Not much more to say, it's a great accessory.
  • Excellent product for the price!

    posted by Nixxen

    -Very good copy of the official product.-Easy to understand and use interface.-Long battery life(even though it claims the battery is running out. I've been using it for 14 days straight since the "low battery" icon appeared - I scratch that off as a low quality battery)-Optional illuminated LCD helps a LOT when shooting in the dark and you don't want to ruin your shot with a too powerful flashlight, even though the LCD could be a bit brighter.-Allows you to select "---" or infinite number of shots! You are NOT limited to the 399 shots I assumed I would be.
    Not much to add.It works as advertised.
    I use this to take timelapse shots with my Canon G12.I've been taking several day/night long cycles with this, and it has worked flawlessly.The "low battery" icon started showing after just one day of use, but since then I have left it on for over 14 days straight(!!!) without any problem. This is possibly just because of a low quality battery that can't handle the lower temperatures at night, but are still able to power the device.I have not used it as a timer or remote trigger for other than just testing to see if it worked(yes it works), but that's just because I'm more into timelapse photography rather than whatever I'd use the remote trigger function for.
  • Very good product

    posted by topscuba

    Very well designed product. It does exactly what it promises and it does it well !!Plenty of cables cater for almost every camera.
    I have used this gadget to photograph a vase of tulips for over a week, taking a picture every five minutes day and night. After this I created a short film with about 2000 pictures at 24 frames per second, meaning that every second of the film showed about twe hours real time. I could not have done this without this gadget!
    If ever you want to do time lapse photography, this is the product to buy!

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