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canon lp-e6 Customers Reviews

  • Seems to work perfectly fine

    posted by Unadrien

    Seems to be of good build quality.Works with the original battery charger.Looks pretty much the same as the original battery from Canon. Same size, weight and shape.
    There is really not much else to say about this product. It does what a battery is suppose to do. :)
    The bottomline is that it is a product that works fine and you get it to a great price. Even if it would have worse duration or not be chargeable as many times as other batteries like this one, you could still buy 4 or 5 of these before reaching the price of others.
  • Very good value, and works well. Great product

    posted by totony

    Show max health indicator in my 7D and can be registered in the camera for followup as a genuine canon equivalent.It has an autonomy equivalent to the canon one at a fraction of the price.I went through two full charges so far.
    Will have to confirm quality over time (check if there is a faster degradation of capacity than original). But unless it degrades very fast, it would remain a great value item.
    Great value, full compatibility and good performance.I recommend it.
  • Cheap Backup for your Original LP E6

    posted by sujay0000

    - Registers with the Camera just like the Original LP-E6- Dimensionally identical to the original LP-E6- Good as a backup battery pack incase of emergency & no charge zones like long treks.- Complete Justice to the price.
    My copy was a bit balooned on top wall ... Thanks to DX to provide me a smal amount of refund.
    A good backup battery pack!
  • A good addition to the Canon 7D

    posted by SUZION

    It is pleasant to hold in their hands, with a smooth, non-slip coating.All declared functions work fine. Distinguished from similar models of high-quality production and good price.
    You always want cheaper and better. Experienced users will appreciate the benefits of the product.
    Everyone who is engaged in the work of reportage will be pleasantly surprised by this product. Provides continuous, long-term work the camera, saving time reloading.Reasonable price, high quality manufacturing.
  • Good extra charger for LP-E6 batteries

    posted by Rik0331

    The most obvious pro is of course the low price. I bought a replacement battery which didn't charge with the original charger. With this charger I had no problem charging.
    Because I live in Europe, I had to order a flat to round power plug convertor along with the charger, but it was only just over a dollar extra.
    Good extra charger (raplacement) LP-E6 batteries, especially when replacement batteries don't charge with origial chargers.

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