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This is our best canon lens filters, they all share a great design and great prices. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. If you want to find more canon lens filters related products, you can find them by browsing canon lens adapter, canon digital lens. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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canon lens filters Customers Reviews

  • Great item for a super price

    posted by prijsaanvragen

    - Feels solid- Bajonet mount screws tightly to camera- Lens (18-135) feels tightly attached to body
    Adapter cannot be left on the lens when the lens is normally attached to the body (as you see it on your pics)Using a reversed lens:- focus ris always manual- Depth-of-field is extreme short- Lighting your subject is trcky- Difficult to attach macro ring
    Great gadget for cheap 'extreme macro' photography!
  • surprised by his relation quality price

    posted by juan68

    I spoke of the investment ring to reverse a target photo and use it as a macro and still so economical I decided to try.The investment ring is quite solid and complies with its mission. I am knowing how macro photography cheaper as possible.Believe that my objective essay is not suitable for this purpose and may have to buy another investor for a target ring most appropriate.
    You should select the target photo to reverse before buying the investment ring. Use a photographic objective focal fixed, bright and be possible manual, to set the aperture manually
    Totally recommended to start in photography macro of the form more economic.
  • Very nice accessory

    posted by Caustikk

    Was shipped in a box with fiberglass cap inside so you may not disturb that it would crash during shipment. Fitted my lens perfectly. Now I may be sure that dust, drops of water or fingers leave marks on my lens. The filter doesn't affect the quality of your shots.
    I recommend you to use this filter in any case. Even just to protect your lens. If you occasionally drop your camera let better the filter crush than your expensive lens ;)
    My special thanks to a seller for everything was OK :)
  • Good UV filter

    posted by danny1986

    The filter fits perfect on 58mm lenses like the stock 18-55 Canon lens.The build quality is good and feels firmly.The filter is shipped in a metal case surrounded by foam to prevent damage.
    Don't know if the quality of the actual filter glass is as good as a genuine filter. As an amateur, I don't see any difference between photos with or without the filter.
    Im happy with the product. It protects my lenses from any damage to the actual lens glass.Purchased a second DEBO UV-58 filter for my other 55-250 lens.
  • Very useful for macro photo

    posted by teeboo

    This reversal filter allows you to use 52mm lens as a very close macro taking great and very sharp pics of close objects and/or insects (if they keep without moving).
    Cheap solution to make macro photos if subject doesn't move and if you can get very close to it.

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