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canon lcd protector Customers Reviews

  • a little bit too easy to brake and hard to take off

    posted by lyly666

    essential to protect our camera! it's the basic protection with the lens protector it's like there's nothing on the screen so you can look at your pictures without any problems :)
    at this prices you should take more than one just to be sure ;). Just have to make sur the screen is perfectly clean before putting the screen protector.
    good product anyway, practical and clear . hope every one got some at home!
  • Hard to mount

    posted by Sanpj

    it really is clean looking glass, well crafted and resistant. it is branded as Canon and is labeled for the 1100D. It is rigid and will protect from impacts and scratches, and wont get any bobbles
    Mine used a really strong adhesive, so it will be hard to remove and might leave some residue.
    Usefull for a 1100d canon, and not any camera.
  • A good screen protector

    posted by Darkblade48

    Works very well with my Canon 60D, and fits the screen with no problems (as expected). It is very easy to apply, with no problems with air bubbles and/or wrinkles. As it is made of glass, the LCD screen is very well protected, and you will not need to worry about the LCD screen being cracked.The screen can be easily replaced as well (as I found out, since I stuck on the screen a little crooked the first time), and does not leave behind any residue (though this may change with time).
    A good screen protector that claims to be made by "Canon". It fits both the Canon 60D and 600D with no problems. The lettering of the Canon font is in red, which some people may not like, though I personally do not find it to be a problem at all (as it is only cosmetic in nature).While this screen protector is made of glass, and is slightly cheaper than what can be bought in store, I feel that it can still be a little cheaper.
    A good screen protector to have to protect the LCD screen of your Canon 60D and/or 600D.
  • Perfect protection

    posted by Abaddon1986

    - It's resistant. - Manageable.- If you're wrong putting it, don't worry, comes off easily. - It resists normal scratchs (don't use a knife). - With a washcloth, traces disappear.
    It comes in a small soft paper, tightly closed. The box undamaged. There are two guards on each side, adhesive, easy to remove. If you watch your camera, like me, I recommend buying it, you never know when you might scratch the screen.
  • Made of Good Material

    posted by Thepps

    Very Easy to install. Has a cool package, and its made of good hard plastic. Also is very easy to clean and protects agains any kind of sweat.
    Protects my screen and has a good price. The protector work kinda like a uv filter and darkers the LCD a little bit.
    Another happy aquisition. If you have a steady hand to place the protector you will be fine.

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