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canon ir remote

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canon ir remote Customers Reviews

  • Indeed does the trick!

    posted by Delighted

    * Small (6.5 cm x 3.5 cm)
    * Very light weight
    * Works w/ all my cameras
    * Works from different angles
    * Looks good
    * Good reach
    * Triggers countdown
    * Camera light orange during
    This is some really good/decent stuff for those just wanting to be able to fire on command. It's not an advanced remote and does not come with any manual, as in, it's dead simple. For this price, it's definitely a must-have if you think you might have -any- use for it at all. It simply works and does what it is supposed to.
  • REMEMBER: Know your camera!

    posted by GaardC

    Remote trigger for several camera modelsVery cheapBuild quality seems to be very good
    Remember to check and know your camera's specs: Just because is similar to other models it does not mean it has the exact same specs.Models such as Canon Rebel XS don't come with a IR trigger (unlike Canon Rebel XSi and XTi wich do have IR control)
    •Double check on your camera specs•Good price•Good product.
  • Good Control

    posted by lupus3d

    Excellent price!!!
    Very good build quality!!!
    Simple and efficient!!!
    Very, very small!!!
    This works for my Canon 500D (T1i)!!!
    Only two of the buttons works for my Canon 500D (T1i) (buttons "s" and "2S").
    The other ones have no function on the Canon.
    The "2S" button can start de rec video mode too!!!
    If you are looking for a good remote shutter, this is the one!!! Nice, small, good quality and price!!!
  • good buy

    posted by roiros

    I can now shot with remote.
    I use it with my Olympus E-520 SLR and it works for both regular shooting and bulb shooting.
    have range of about 8 meters with new battery.
    battery is included.
    @ @
    very nice product, looks to have good build quality.
    should work with almost all cameras although I haven't confirmed it yet.
    a good buy.
  • Great Battery grip

    posted by leojulien

    The grip fix perfectly in the camera, an it looks like a part of the body. The colour and quality of the plastics are the same as the Canon body. The grip increse the camera-weight but it gives more stability.As well as being cheap, it gives you autonomy with the two batteries slots.Verry confortable grip.
    more autonomy
    autonomy, stability, quality, performance and good manufactured. Not much more to say, it's a great accessory.

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