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canon extension tube Customers Reviews

  • Does what is supposed to

    posted by drtofuu

    Keeps the autofocus working.Lets you take nice macro pictures without a macro lens.Build quality is pretty goodBuying a more expensive one seems to be useless.
    This is just for macro photography. Any other type of photografy is useless. Its impossible to take portraits or zoomed images with this addon. (Just a warning for amateur photographers).
    Great value. If you are into macro photograpy and do not want/ cannot buy a 1000 dollar macro lens, this is for you. If you already have a 1000 dollar macro lens and attach this to it, you wont get better results.
  • Great tool for macro!

    posted by Vladisalv

    It contains contacts for lens - aperture and autofocusing are working.Build quality is very good! Bayonet rings are made of metal and connetcing firmly.
    It is cheaper than Kenko and there's no differences in quality and functionality. I tested it with Canon 60D and two Tamron lenses - 17-50 and 18-270. It's fantastic!
    If you are interested in macro photography - this device is for you!
  • Very close focusing

    posted by AXLMAN

    I was waiting for this item long time ago, with the hope that DX has it avaliable!!!
    The build quality is good enough to an amateur photographer, remember that this is not a professional tool, it is just a set of tubes that helps you to make good maro-photography.
    Using the top distance, the focus distance is very very close, and if you are using a good lense, and good lighting, the pictures are good.
    Is not Autofocus, but none (excepting the very expensive ones, that has some electronic) has it, and remember, macro-photograpy does not require a fast focusing...
    Good buy in DX
  • Works well

    posted by pgn123

    Good build quality. No issues with fit or functionality. Full auto-focus and auto-exposure are maintained.
    All extension tubes increase magnification by shortening working distance. This means some lenses will work better than others if you want really high magnification. At extreme magnifications you may want to use a focusing rail for best results.
    These are very good if you want occasional close-ups, and worth having in your kit. Not as convenient as dedicated macro lenses, but much less expensive.

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