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canon eos 5d mark Customers Reviews

  • Works

    posted by Phiinix

    Works with my 60D camera's charger and also registers itself properly in the camera's memory so you can track how much charge it has.The battery is most likely not the mAh rating it states. I haven't had a chance to really test out just how many photos I can take, but it isn't significantly lower than the OEM one that came with the camera.
    There was another non-OEM version that had slight problems with the charger. Once in a while it would register as full charge. This version seems to do fine with no issues.This version isn't the absolute cheapest, *only* the second cheapest, but this is a very good quality battery.
    Good deal, works great, great price.
  • Great grip!

    posted by munir2

    Great grip at a fraction of the cost of the original. The rubberized feel is pretty good and has all the controls of the original grip. It makes holding the camera in portrait mode much easier. Also, this is probably the cheapest price for a BG-E6 grip I've seen online so far.
    I'm quite rough on my equipment but I'd expect this to last me a about a year which is very acceptable for what I paid for it. Not sure if it's the grip or the generic battery (sku 28998), this does not display battery information from either battery when you mix an OEM with the genuine. It shows the same stats on both slots when only one OEM battery is inserted.
    Although this has its good share of cons, it is overall still an excellent grip. If it does break it's still okay because you can get another few and still have change left over. Its definitely a great buy unless you need pro-grade reliability and performance. For everything else this is a must have for every 5D2 shooter!
  • Battery Grip with good Quality

    posted by norlix

    - Verry similar to the original Battery-Grip- With Joystick on the Grip!- Good handle- the shutter-button is really very near to the original!- fits comfortably in the hand- very stable. No loose between camera and grip.
    The package was slightly damaged during the delivery. The battery grip but was ok.
    I am positively surprised by the quality and handling of this Grip for that Price.I would recommend this battery grip to anyone looking for a cheap alternative to the original.
  • Very good value, and works well. Great product

    posted by totony

    Show max health indicator in my 7D and can be registered in the camera for followup as a genuine canon equivalent.It has an autonomy equivalent to the canon one at a fraction of the price.I went through two full charges so far.
    Will have to confirm quality over time (check if there is a faster degradation of capacity than original). But unless it degrades very fast, it would remain a great value item.
    Great value, full compatibility and good performance.I recommend it.

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