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canon dslr camera Customers Reviews

  • Wireless Flash AND Shutter in one!

    posted by leonardlow

    * Flexible - use for wireless flash or wireless shutter release, in a single device.* Good quality cables provided to link with studio flash units (plug AND PC ports), and for wireless shutter use.* Receiver adds a PC Flash Port to cameras that don't have one built in - so any camera with a hotshoe can use this to allow it to sync with studio flash units* Can trigger multiple receivers with single transmitter (cameras or flashes)* Supports half-press for autofocus, full-press for shutter release
    Because this unit supports multiple receivers, and triggers camera shutters, you can use this device to do your own Matrix "bullet time" photography - have multiple cameras with receivers, all pointing at the same subject, then fire them at the same time with the transmitter. :)Comes with cables to (1) link the receiver with camera shutter trigger port (2) link the receiver to studio flash (3) link the transmitter to studio flash (for you consumer DSLR owners who don't have a "PC" flash port, this unit provides one so you can sync with professional studio flash units).
    I'm going to buy a few of these for Christmas pressies for photographer friends. :) Highly recommended. :)
  • Perfect!

    posted by donnybowman

    Fits in bag
    Great usable range
    Can be used with 2 second timer
    Auto-focus compatible
    Fits canon 40D
    No real complaints. Much better than expected, especially after reading that some other dx customers had received other inferior products. I can say that as if 8/1/09 (m/d/y) I recieved what I ordered.
    If you want a wireless remote get it. If you want a great bulb mode remote get it. if you want to spend way more on something that will only press the shutter button go somewhere else.
    This is the best canon remote on DX.
  • Works great, never misfires.

    posted by UnivCrea

    Much cheaper than PocketwizardsTransmitting through wallsBuild quality is good
    I've used this set a few times under challenging circumstances: transmitting through a few walls, transmitting over 50m or using them with loads of wireless traffic in the same room and they worked like a charm.One tiny setback: the flash stand of my EX 430 II doesn't lock on the receiver, so it falls off quickly.
    Forget about Pocketwizards, these do the same job but much cheaper.
  • Solid and well built - with a great price!

    posted by thid82

    This is a solid and well built battery grip.
    I've had my hands on the "real Canon" BG-E2 as well and this is the same thing. The batteries fit firmly and sits in place without any wobbling, the rubber on the grip matches the one on the 40D handle and the black color of the grip is the same as on the 40D.
    When screwing it onto the body it fits tight and does not move around while handling the camera.
    It has the storage place for the battery compartment lid as the original grip has aswell.
    Have not tested the battery slide, for normal AA batteries, but on the other hand i never tested this for the BG-E2 either.
    Why pay 3 times as much for a piece of plastic with a Canon logo?
  • I am delighted

    posted by jaccoruns

    The shutter mechanism works manually with the device turned off. All functions work great.
    I have been wanting the original Canon one for years but I could never justify the 300€ to myself. Now I spent 40 and have the same functionality.
    I think it is a great buy. You get all the functionality of the original Canon counterpart that costs 7 times as much.

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