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canon camera flash Customers Reviews

  • Excellent!

    posted by tkf15h

    I've been using it on my Canon XS with the YN460 flash and it fires (or triggers the camera) reliably every time. The construction is OK, battery life is great. It uses a pair of AAA batteries, which is good because they're really easy to find.The ability to control camera, portable flash and studio strobe is awesome.
    I'd have bought more of these by now if DX orders didn't take 2 months to arrive in Brazil.
    As I said, it's a great product that might need some simple soldering if you want to use it as a shutter controller.Small, reliable, versatile, and cheap. What more could you want? I liked it so much, I just bought a second pair.
  • t0m.3500

    posted by Tomislav

    Useful device for my camera, i was desperate to have it when i found it here. Build quality is ok, it feels good in your hand, the switch works ok, but i have no need to change it when i chose the channel i wanted.
    The bottom line is that this is a good and useful device that i like to use often indoors when shooting portraits or small objects in light tent. I think it's a must have thing.
  • fixes my off-camera issues

    posted by OneMatt

    -Uses any cat cable. I have used up to 50ft with total success allows the focus assist beam to fire, unlike the wireless flash mode.
    None. It works very well, and I pretty much never take it off the camera/flash. If anything I now want to get another flash so I can use more of this things abilities!
    Worthwhile purchase when you want off-camera flash angles, without first triggering the on-camera flash.
  • Very Good!!

    posted by sajnox

    It's a cable, so there isn't much to say about it except that it's a very good product - The TTL Connection works seamlessly - I'm using it with a Canon Rebel XS - Build Quality is very, very good! it feels strong, you're not going to break it easilly - It does the job - You can screw it to the tripod - Conectors are good
    Very good! Good pricing and quality and it really helps you to take better pictures using an external flash.If you are looking
  • Good range and cheap

    posted by pashte

    I've been searching for a cheap flash trigger to use in my strobes. This trigger is great because have tho receivers, something very useful.
    Plastics semm to be weak and noto good quality, still I have no problem using it.
    I just recomend it and I'm planning buy another kit to have four receptors.

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