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canon battery pack

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canon battery pack Customers Reviews

  • Works just like the Original

    posted by Pexer

    Just like my Original LP-E5 Battery pack, Fits nicely into my Canon 500D, and durability seems almost the same as the original.
    I'm happy i found these here, in a local store they cost around €60,- (which is way to much for a battery if you ask me)
    Great for those days you forgot to charge your battery pack when your about to go on a trip. I bought 2 of these so there is always 1 extra in my pocket fully charged and ready to use! If your thinking of buying one of these take a moment to think again, you might as well buy 2!
  • Great Battery

    posted by HammyMarkham

    Battery worked great. No issues. Took the camera on vacation. Replace battery lasted as long as my original. No issues. Charging battery no issue. Did not charge the battery for a week during vacation. Lasted all that time.
    Why pay 10 times the cost when this battery works the same as the original.
    Save your money. Buy this battery. No problem. Rarely charge the battery. Last long time. Will buy another battery for my other Canon camera when that dies.
  • Great replacement

    posted by Sattrickske

    Works exactly like the original LD-E6 battery in my 5D mark III. Battery charges completely and doesn't heat up during charging like cheap crap batteries. The battery has been registered correctly by the camera.Excellent battery for only 1/5th of the original Canon battery. Highly recommended
    Construction and build quality is exactly the same as the original battery. I'm just angry at myself that I didn't bought this battery earlier.
    Looks like a very good deal for the price being asked. I paid 5 times the price for a genuine Canon LP-E6.
  • cheap and works with my 850

    posted by Leakim

    Works excelent with my ixus 850.
    price effective but less capacity then compared to others of same mAh. Thous ok if you do'nt mind to carry more then one battery pack around.
    I compared this battery with two others. I used my ixus 850 and set it to continuous mode and forced flash. This is the amount of photos I was able to take before the camera powered off.
    Old battery: 661
    SKU 20708: 870 (this product)
    SKU 2483: 1101 (6 months after purchanse)
  • Amasing quality product

    posted by angrysmith

    First I'd like to underline the real quality of this product, seems like original grip. Note that remote control is present in this kit! It's a great surprise! Thanks a lot for it!
    Adapter for AA batteries already included.
    Very useful buttons. Great for making portraits. Easy to install.
    Works even if you have only one LP-E5 battery. Sometimes it makes sense.
    If you know and want grip - this is your real choise to get grip, AA adapter and IR control.

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