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canon 600d battery

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canon 600d battery Customers Reviews

  • Also works well for a Canon 650D

    posted by walthanas2

    Low priceDouble inserts, both for 6 x AA 1,2 to 1,5 volt as well as 2 x LPE8 batteries.Extra buttons to use your right hand in the normal position when the camera is tilted onto its side.Nice soft grips to comfortably hold the camera-Battery Grip combo.Little compartment in the grip to hold the original battery door of the camera.Separate on-off button for the grip.
    Considering the relatively cheap material used, I would have expected a lower possible price.
    Pretty decent quality for that price. I am glad that I bought this battery grip!
  • Decent

    posted by TravisK0

    It functions like it is designed to function. I use it for my Canon T4i. In fact it never comes off of my camera. I love it and you just can't find a better deal for the price.
    Great for the price, but be prepared to possibly send back to DX or fix yourself. I would have sent it back had I not been going on a trip 2 days after I received it in the mail. It was a gabble not to send it back and fix it myself, but the fix has held for 1 year so far and no new issues have popped up.
  • Better than the original

    posted by lolz84

    Probably the best battery. I have a few other original batteries that don't last as long as this one.
    I need to order more. I have a grip and do time lapses and this really helps me. Order this if you want to take a lot of video. It's always good to have extra batteries with you.
    buy it! You will find out how much you love it when you get it. The price is so low for such a high quality product. Canon should start using these batteries
  • Perfect, cheap spare battery

    posted by DBLaci

    Cheap, the price is one third I could by here (the not genuine one!). It works as the original, as expected. In my Canon 600D it lasts for days, or weeks, based on how much I use it. So it's way more than enough.
    Very useful to have a spare battery, I think everyone should have it. Perhaps the camera manufacturer should give 2 battery for every camera, I always bought a spare for every camera I had.
    I can't tell if it will work a year or more after, as it's new. I hope it will.
  • great choice

    posted by grupoharco

    The finish is exactly the same as the one that my camera has I own a Canon EOS t4i. I still haven't use it with AA batteries but is great to have that option for an emergency, been in that situation a couple of times and is defenitly a great asset of this Battery Grip.The zoom bottons work great, im very happy with my purchase.The extra space for a grip is a great feture when takin photos from different angles.
    If you are involved on large photoshoots this is a must. Is good for the grip and even better when you are seeking battery lifetime.
    Great product add this to your arsenal if you are looking for more battery lifetime.

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