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camping lights Customers Reviews

  • Awesome product!

    posted by pascalad

    I bought this light to light my tent last summer and it worked like a charm. I tied it at the top of my tent and it literally lit my whole tent perfectly. I didn't have to use a flashlight anymore to find stuff in my bag.Another pro was that it looked really cool from the outside.Battery life is great as well, I haven't had to change batteries while I've used it for a pretty long time.
    Great and very cheap product that works perfectly. Build quality is not that good, but you get great value for price.
  • very handy mini lantern

    posted by eddyjoon

    These lights are very small end give a lot of illumination. We use them in our hiking tents and in the larger Esvo Sperwer tent when we travel by car. In the hiking tents we need only two to see what we are doing, in the Sperwer we need four. We were that enthusiastic about quality/price ratio that we bought a few more to give away to our family.
    It would be nice if you can order the light in the body color you like; black, green or red. Making this light in 3-mode; normal, high and flashing would complete its functions.
    Never regretted to buy the lights
  • the light goes on

    posted by el_corb_negre

    It’s a good lanter, i didnt thought it would have so much amount of LightIt is really nice for camping and excursions or fishing at nigthIt is not very stylish, you can find other better looking ones easily, but maybe they dont have as much Light.
    At this price, it looks the best option, if you want to find any other with better quality, you have to pay much more monay than this cost.
  • Awesome Product

    posted by viper001

    Great small keychain torch.... Build quality is really good. Bought a lot of items from deal x and this is one of the best products i've bought under $5 so far.
    Light shines pretty bright for how small it is and i also like the on/off switch on the back. All in all definitely worth buying!
    100% worth it. Buy it!!!
    Awesome for a small torch!
  • Nice little work light

    posted by murcod

    Compact size, wide beam angle, mostly well made and constructed, comes with mains and 12VDC chargers. I haven't tested the running time but it certainly seems like it will last at least a couple of hours. Capable of lighting up a large area, but for fine work you need it within arm's reach for decent lighting.It runs cool and has waterproof covers on the switch and charging port.
    It's a bit pricey, but I'm glad I bought it. I've used it in roof spaces for doing wiring and it will be perfect for working in or under a car. It would also be good for camping given the wide angle of the light. It's the usual blue tinged LED white light colour, but it's not excessively blue.
    Providing it lasts the distance it's an excellent investment for any handyman.

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