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  • led camping light

    posted by Cheric06

    its sooo bright! i bought one for myself for camp and realized it was AWESOME so i had to buy another one for my father. Its really good for tents and for fishing. it only uses 3 batteries and its really bright . good enough to light up the whole tent. honestly one of my best buys on dx.com
    get it if you need to go camping or for back up powerouttage. Its really bright and doesnt take much space!!!very easy to use and cheap so you wont feel bad if you loose it. buy a couple for camp or backup
  • Smaller Than Expected

    posted by FlightInWinter

    Shipping was very fast on this item.
    The light is quite bright for its size. It will easily light up a small bathroom. Useful during a power outage or on a camping trip.
    Small enough to pack into your kit.
    Seems to be fairly well built. Black areas of the body and top have nice rubbery feel. The plastic lens, or globe area is thicker than I expected. You won't crush it between your fingers.
    It takes 3 AA batteries and the battery compartment seems solid and easy to access.
    Unless you drop this very hard, it looks like it will last for years. While not as bright as a tail standing Q5 flashlight, it gives off a nice light for reading or performing simple tasks. Given the design, there are some artifacts in the light spread, but that is to be expected for such a small, simple light with a simple design.
    This gives off a little more light than a kerosene lamp but it's whiter and safer than kerosene.
    I'll do a run time test and post the results, but I'm expecting this to run for quite a while on 3 AAA batteries.
    I purchased two so far and might purchase more. I'd buy it again if I had it to do all over again because it serves a purpose. If you could use an economical, small area light, I recommend you buy this one. In fact, do what I did, buy two...or three. They are inexpensive and handy to have around.
  • Excellent thing for camping, garden etc.

    posted by LITMANEN

    I needed a source of light for camping. I have some flashlights but as for me they are not very useful. All of them have more or less but narrow beam of light. So the idea was to get 360 degrees spread of light. This lantern exactly what i need.When i took it out of the box it impressed me with building quality. Very nice plastic everywhere and safe and reliable metal rods, well assembled, no blame. The only one small thing is the plastic carving at the the bottom (batteries section), it spins not very smoothly because of plastic friction.I tested the brightness of the lantern at night and it`s very good. Really if there`s a 100 LED`s lantern I prefer more LEDs, but even now I`m satisfied 100%. Hope 4D batteries will work for a long time. I can`t notice a big difference in brightness between 24 and 48 mode.
    Hmmmm, the same lantern should be in different sizes. Higher and more LEDs would be not bad. I don`t care about overall size because i have a car so i don`t need to carry it.
    If you need a source of light for camping or garden or BBQ or something like that, that`s exactly what you need. It illuminates everything in 360 degrees range.
  • Beautiful and (trully) garden light

    posted by Morvan

    - Very efficient. Enlightens too much for a three batteries lantern!- Super bright leds (not rated candelas ratio, but - very bright and true white leds).Cheap, for this quality and usefulness.
    Very beauty lantern. Loved this. Very compact and efficient.Buy one for you. It worthes what you pay for.
    Very beauty and practical white light lantern.
  • Excelent Product

    posted by BatataHsG

    Excellent luminosity works on open and closed places. The price is compatible with the product.
    I thought that it was bigger, and i was amazed on how small and light is it. I didn't see if it has other sizes, but for me it would be better if it was a little bigger.
    Excellent product, to use at home or in a camping. In my case is very useful, because of the lighting drops.


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