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This is our best camouflage pattern, they all share a great design and great prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

camouflage pattern Customers Reviews

  • nice for war games!

    posted by TomSnaw

    * i can now grip my controller alot better at those critical moments when my sweaty palms made the controller hard to hold on to
    * protect my controllers from grimy kids hands
    * personalizes the controller
    * going to buy more of these, aswell as in different colours
  • Very good product!

    posted by alderian

    - Great for sweaty hands.- Very comfortable to use.- Easy to put in and out.- Keeps controls clean from dirty hands, specially for kids that usually don't mind about that.- Absorbs some of the impact if the controller fell off to the floor.- Makes the controllers "non-slip".- It won't move from the controller, it fits tight and perfectly.
    The case feels good in your hands, it's soft and durable. If you fit the case onto your controller properly, it'll work great. Take a look at videos posted.Good protection against from scratches, falling damage, liquids, cigarettes and even food.
    It is a very good product. It will keep your controllers clean and 'as new' even if you drop them. Best choice if you have kids
  • Excelente Product, excelente price

    posted by rangelex

    made of rubber, it's a better grip to play.Fair is in control, with no gaps. Fits perfectly in control, respecting the space of the buttons and analog.has a beautiful finish, leaving control different and beautiful.Help to play, and prevents the control I get sweat, fat.Easy cleaning, just put in running water.The price is small and good quality product.
    product made of good material and low cost.Fits like a glove in control.
    recommend excellent buy
  • protective silicon case

    posted by daniels680

    Easy to install ,fits perfectly, looks great on both black or white controller. Keeps the controllers surface clean and protect's the controllers from falls... either by gripping tightly to the surface it resides on or by preventing cracks by the actual fall itself
    i absolutely love the green/blue camouflage pattern there are a few cheaper colors but i think this is the right one for me
    if you want to keep your controller life span while adding a bit of flavor this product is highly recommended

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