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The camera watch phone your looking for is one of our top sellers. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

camera watch phone Customers Reviews

  • Unique, inexpensive & effective.

    posted by Brahma3

    Small yet easy to use; touch screen is vibrant & responsive, still photo & video camera, audio recorder, multimedia all work like a charm.Also comes pre-loaded with several ringtones & the option to make & or download more, built in SOS feature to contact your local emergency response center (911 for example)for the given region you select from a list of major city's from a plethora of different country's that works even without a SIM card installed into the phone!!!Vibration alert functions & more!
    For the price I strongly feel that this products "pros" far outweigh the "cons" & if your not looking to spend a-lot of money & are just looking for an inexpensive cellphone that will turn some heads & leave people thinking "wow I want one too" then this is the perfect option for you but if your looking for something that's loaded with features I suggest you look into ordering one that is a bit more expensive.
    The bottomline is you get what you pay for & for the price this is probably one of the best deals you will find anywhere...I may not be able to connect my bluetooth devices to it or tell time with it but I am still very content with my purchase & I sincerely believe you would be too.
  • ZGPAX S5 1.54" Good smartwatch but not so good

    posted by ivanolivos

    Good price. Easy to use it with basic functions. Fluent interface.
    Even the interface is fluent, it is incomplete. Only few styles of watches. It is ok if you are no so demanding. No big deal if you expect a full android device. I think there is a lack of apps for this kind of devices. Google Now would be a perfect app for this device.
    I am using it every day and have to research about appropiate apps for this device, because the apps of factory are too much basic. Facebook is impossible to install in my device. So the worst in the device is the apps. But at the end I recomend it if you want to have an economic device with interisting characteristics.

    posted by vsarojeya

    the watch recognized and connected immediately. It makes calls, receives calls, receives sms text messages. I haven't tried sending an sms yet. I got it primarily for the voice recorder and built in speaker, and this works well. It's not the clearest sounding recording, but good enough to hear my periodic recordings of things to do.
    The touch screen is responsive. If I have to enter numbers I'll use a pointy things lying around the house to tap the right number on the touch screen. Otherwise the OK and Menu buttons work with my fat fingers.
    students phone
  • smallest dual sim phone

    posted by eumobong

    dual sim support with video audio support. support bluetooth audio and file transfer.can function as a usb drive for backup.I use it to carry my documents and credentials in softcopy wherever I go.the keypads makes it convenient to dial contacts directly.the organiser is eqiipped with good stuff to make task scheduling easy.
    beyond those few cons, it's very useful if your work requires less contact with phone as you can set your headset to automatically answer the phone.
    one small dual sim phone as a watch at a fair price.
  • Good for a Teenphone

    posted by polomatus

    It has a great MP3 player, the camera is awesome, the Bluetooth makes it quite portable and the external speaker have good sound quality. I feel like Dick Tracey when talking on the phone. Great for distracted people as my niece that loose quite often the phones, this one stay on her hand.
    The battery is quite good and makes a great energy saving allowing it to work for long time with recharge, even the extra battery is a good touch.
    Good for the price but the charger is a large limit.


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