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  • good tripod

    posted by Grommi

    Stylish design. Well looks. Useful to use.
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    As a whole, I am happy with purchase. The tripod is pleasant to me and I am glad that made the order.
  • Very good!!! (Sorry for my bad English :)

    posted by Alhor

    -Total height - 1.6 meters;-Mild;-Easily adjusted in all planes;-Removable platform for mounting the camera;-Stand my nikon d5100.
    Once again, sorry for my bad English :)Box arrived badly dented, but for a camera tripod fortunately not hurt!Some time doubts about this purchase. But after getting all the doubts are gone. Tripod for the camera was a compact and sturdy enough.
    Overall I am very pleased. Add photos ...
  • Quality is good for me

    posted by goldaDE

    Good price, quality is according to my thinking. Ready to use without reading any manuals. Handling of product is enough for international shipping. Contemporary design of aluminum hollow collapsible tubes and black plastic details looks attractively. Tripod has a removable waterproof fabric cover, it's very comfortable for everyday outdoor using.
    The first parcel of tripod was lost by Post Office somewhere in the sky between China and Russia. But DX has compensated this tragic loosing by sending me a new parcel. And for the second time all was be OK. I has received my tripod after four months of waiting. Better late than nevermore.
    I' not a professional photographer. For my domestic needs and purposes it is a good product. I receive more quality photos using this tripod.
  • pretty good tripode / muy buen tripode

    posted by KatStone

    super buen tripode, resistente, alto, no tengo que andar agachando, la bolita hace todo mas simple y modificable, es lindo, trae su bolso, tornillos y otros de repuesto, un mini manual y la bolita es grande, por lo que mi canon 600D está segura de cualquier accidente ;) todo genial ;)
    ummm, que el plato se pueda sacar es genial,cosa de que si se rompe se puede comprar otra y listo ;)
  • Not secure clamping

    posted by wachula

    Good manufacturing quality. Lightweight, compact design, very portable and pocket size, adaptable to irregular surfaces with tripod legs. Wont slip because of rubber feet.Ball adjustment swivel mounting screw allows pointing camera at any angle very precisely.Can hold standard SLR camera weight with no problems, including large zoom lens.
    I solved the problem with loose clamping screw putting a thin heat shrink sleeve over the thread and get more tight adjustment, avoiding slipping of the screw.
    Good product at an affordable price. I recommend it.

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