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These cool camera surveillance av are high quality and at affordable prices. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Browse night surveillance camera or surveillance camera dvr to find what you are looking for. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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  • Good deal for mini-wireless cam

    posted by Muzzleflash

    This actually has a great build quality. The camera itself can be stealthily mounted anywhere and powered by an included A/C adaptor. It transmits signal inside my house pretty well, I put a bigger antenna on the receiver and it can transmit over 100m. Currently I charge the camera, strap it to a RC car, and use my TV to drive the car downstairs around the house from upstairs.
    Good project camera, I'm satisfied with it.
  • Best quality cam found here

    posted by samsoso

    The price: I think that you can't find a product like it for this price, in france it will be cost me more than 100 euros.Ease-of-use: Simply add power and this will work, i use it with 'EasyCap USB Video Capture Adapter', it work great !Build Quality: Solid and design :)The range is satisfactory, more longer than a 2.4GHZ.
    Purchase it if you need a good wireless camera with good range and good price
  • Middle quality item

    posted by azariev

    Very easy to use. Small. Very good swivel bracket. I was able to to get a good signal quality in THREE concrete walls at the distance between the receiver and transmitter in my flat.I think that's a great result for such a device.I use this camera as a baby monitor.
    The camera is very hot during transmission.Night IR light gives very noisy backlight CMOS sensor. I had to cover the black paint rear parts of IR LEDs. The camera creates interference to WiFi.Microwave creates interference to the signal from the camera.
    Good device for this price.Recommended for use at open space and flat at short distance.
  • General info about this camera.

    posted by GomerPyle2

    I live in Australia (PAL system) and bought this just to see if it would work. A simple change in whatever video program you have from PAL to NTSC and you'll have a picture. It's not too bad, but just a bit grainy.
    Works well from 8 volts to 12 volts.
    The IR leds are plastic dummy pieces, however, the circuit board does have solder points for the leds (you can buy them from DX) but I haven't tested any with this camera.
    You can buy something like sku 31582 ($3.84), which has 35 IR leds, runs off 12v and will light up the night quite nicely.
    If you want a plain jane camera then this is cheap enough.
    If you want a cheap webcam then this is good enough.
    If you want a cheap camera for daylight surveillance then this is excellent value.
    If you want a day/night surveillance camera then spend a bit more and get one with at least 12 IR leds inbuilt.
    I reckon it's well worth the $12.97.
  • Inexpensive and decent

    posted by RevolverOcelot

    I bought this camera system for home surveilance. Previously, I was using my Motorola Home Monitoring camera system but it interferred with my WiFi signal. I chose this unit because it uses a 1.2ghz frequency as opposed to the 2.4ghz that my WiFi dongle uses (SKU.35405). So far, this unit is working perfectly and has not affected my WiFi at all. I have the camera positioned at the front of my home with the receiver directly above it on the second floor. There's maybe 20 feet distance from camera to receiver and video transmission is clear and smooth with no lag. Installation is also easy and takes less than a minute. Night vision also works perfectly and is very clear.
    The camera quickly fogs up during use (from the IR leds heating up) so what I did was unscrew the camera housing and removed the glass lens. This is an indoor camera so I don't have to worry about it getting dirty or damaged. The box doesn't mention this but this system is indeed 1.2ghz as it has not interferred with my WiFi signal.
    If you're looking for an inexpensive indoor camera that will not interfere with your wifi signal, this is a good buy. If you're looking for an outdoor camera, I wouldn't recommend this. The fogging is a big issue and will blur your image. You can remove the glass lens but if you want to place the camera outdoors, removing the lens would be a bad idea.


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