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You can buy cheap camera shutter canon from us. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We recommend canon camera remote, canon camera control as hot products. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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camera shutter canon Customers Reviews

  • works perfectly for my canon dslr n canon flash!

    posted by badtzdiana

    small and convenient to carry around in my camera bag. Triggers the flash and shutter without fail(so far for me)
    does it work with multiple recievers with 1 trigger for my multiple flashes? DoeDX ever sells additional recievers for the multiple flashes setup?
    good build and function for the price if you do not mind using third party items.
  • This is a must buy!

    posted by smarib

    its light its cheap it is really good and its WAY cheaper than the ones you find in iceland,, they cost around 200$ and this one only 22, thats what i call a good dealit can take good timelapse it works good with bulb mode the lcd lights up it can take a timelaps for 999 hours 999 minits and 999 seconds
    get it! get it! this is something you must buy and should not not buy
    buy it its cheap works well does its job and is good
  • Great for time laps photography

    posted by indreko

    For those who want to make time-laps photos, it's perfect. Build quality is deacent, great value and easy to use. Manual is really well made for those, who don't know what settings you need to put in your camera. It don't have any mooving parts taht could break down, so you will be using for long time.
    For those who want to make time-laps photos, it's perfeckt. You need to make some room in your bag because of it's size but it's with all similar remotes.
    Buy it, it's worth it.
  • Better range than I expected!

    posted by Bluestar45

    Ridiculously simple to use, this remote shutter release offers a single power ON/OF button on the receiver, plus a manual trigger. It also has two bright LEDs to indicate its activity. A coiled cord helps keep things neat when the unit is attached to the hot shoe, and plugged into the N style trigger port. (Note: The hot shoe is just a place to attach the receiver to the camera. The receiver makes no electrical connections through the hot shoe.)
    But its the transmitter which is the star of the show. The range is far greater than I expected, exceeding 30 yards line of sight and probably more if you hold it higher than waist level!
    Additionally, the status LED (bi-color red and green)not only indicates when the shutter is tripped (red) but also indicates the halfway press which engages the auto focus. Sweet! The transmitter button has a soft stop at the halfway point, and a well defined click for the full press, making it a snap to tell without looking how far you pressed. The transmitter also features its own timer mode (see cons) as well as a multi-shot and bulb mode.
    And the system even offers a choice of operating channels via four position DIP switches on the transmitter and receiver, making it useful for multi camera situations.
    The english translations are typically obscure, so the bulb mode bears a bit more detail here. Unlike other remote shutter releases which require you to hold the button down for the duration, this one saves the battery life by allowing you to press and hold the transmitter button until its status light goes out, then a second press closes the shutter. While the shutter is actually open, the receiver status light will remain on as a reminder.
    The batteries are rated for approximately 1000 triggers, and DX sells both the 23A (SKU 475) and the CR2 (SKU 904).
    DX also sells a number of other wireless triggers so research them out, but for the very low cost, this was my choice, and I am more than pleased with it.
  • Just works!

    posted by JiiaFi

    + CHEAP - The Canon version costs at least 10x the price+ WORKS - What more can i say?+ MULTI FUNCTION - Can be used as a remote trigger for the camera too+ EASY - No need for configuring, it started working immediately
    This is so worth the price. It does the exact same job as other remote flash triggers but the price is minimal. The package was quite small so it might fit in a letterbox if you don't order anything else.
    Totally recommended!

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