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camera lens filter 72mm

Check out the great camera lens filter 72mm to see if there is any that suits you. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

camera lens filter 72mm Customers Reviews

  • Good and Cheap / Bueno y barato

    posted by albanece

    Good quality, good price / Buena calidad, buen precio. El filtro ND es indispensable para trabajar en ambientes con mucha luz. Permite aumentar la apertura del diafragma y así reducir la profundidad de campo. Es indispensable para trabajos profesionales y muy útil para aficionados.
    Higly recommendable / Altamente recomendable. El precio es menos de la mitad de lo que cuestan en el mercado productos similares, y la calidad es exactamente la misma. Buen estuche para protegerlo. En definitiva, un producto para comprar sin dudar.
    Buy it without doubts / Puede comprarlo sin dudar.
  • Good, but maybe a bit expensive

    posted by santimuya

    It's a 10X Macro adapter for a 72mm lens.. So that ITSELF is a pro.
    You can get REALLY close to anything you imagine, almost to a microcospic level (if combined with tele lens, for example).
    Well built, strong glass and metal ring.
    It's a bit expensive for an adapter, but if you don't need it for a really profesional result its a good accesory to have for much less than a real tele macro lens (that are over 200 dollars)
    If you are experimenting with your photos, or tired of always getting the same result, and your wondering about having a macro lens, I think this could be a good intermediate step, to check out the capabilities of having this type of feature for your camara.
    Its a very specific accesory, for specific results, but I think I recommend it.
    I will upload some photos when I have the time.
  • Very nice effects

    posted by rdgale

    Very nice macro effects. Helps you shoot close-up. Normally I cannot focus within 45cm of my 18-200mm lens. Now even at around 15cm I can focus clearly.
    Ants hair just seem clear with this one!
    Buy this. It's cheap for its purpose. Besides you need not carry many lenses for the effect you want.
  • amazing price

    posted by endaksi

    May not be the perfect ND8 filter but does it's work like it should. And much more cheaper than regular ND filters
    I have been taking pictures in low light then ventured out into bright sunlight where it was physically impossible to take a photo because my camera's fastest shutter speed was flashing, even though the aperture was adjusted to the smallest setting. Thanks to this ND filter, I was able to reduce the light and allow the shots to be taken.
    ND filters are great to take photos with an wider aperture in sunlight without burning the photo, or making long exposures during the day! (for example when you want a waterfall to look smooth). So look no further, this ND right here will allow you achieve all these affects for a fraction of the price of ND filters you find you may find on your local shops
  • Nice price filter

    posted by OddFellow

    The price is unbeatable comparing to Norwegian stores.
    Work as a UV and protecting cover so that you protect the glass on the lens. That can prevent you from destroying a expensive lens.
    The glass feels a bit thiner than the one I bought in a store for 10x the price. But hopefully it will do it's work like the last one I had.
    Nice product, that I recommend everyone that dont need the most expensive UV filter to their camera.


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