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camera lens filter 67mm

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camera lens filter 67mm Customers Reviews

  • Hey, this works quite well

    posted by admacdo

    It's cheap and it works. Really, what more could you ask for?
    Dancing girls. You can always ask for Dancing girls.
    Not a schmick of optical degradation noted.
    If you're after an ND2 to let you expand a few of your longer exposure creative options, this will do the trick. Considerably less than other prices too.
    Don't just buy one of these. Buy the ND8 as well. Then you can screw them together and make an ND10 for some really long exposure options or when you want to really knock the amount of light out there down.
  • Excellent

    posted by aleksandarpirot

    This circular polarizer filter is realy excellent and in the same time extremely cheap. Completely usefull, very well build, beyond my expecatation. I thing that this is the absolutely best buy from all budget cpl filters. I strongly recomend this camera lens filter.
    Perferct for every situation where you want to put the accent on color.
    Excellent product, i am totally surprised with quality. Beyond every expectation.
  • Nice set of Cokin-type filter system

    posted by tazeux

    3 gradual and 3 regular ND filters (seems like ND2, ND4, ND8) are very well finished. No scratches or damage since they are all shipped in protective plastic. The filter/lens hood is very solid and tough. And you can put even 20 of them together if you have more... The filter holder is nicely made too, you can put 3 filters together. Basically it is the same system as COKIN but a lot cheaper. The adapter ring is made of aluminium, black coated, nice and solid. Threads are fine, no burrs.
    I suggest cleaning the pouch (insides) before putting bare filters in. Also the stitches are not top quality but they seem to hold ok so far.
    The image quality is very good when you use these filters. I suggest cleaning the pouch (insides) before putting bare filters in.Basically it is the same system as COKIN but a lot cheaper.
  • It's well worth the money!

    posted by TheRickert

    It does a decent amount of darkening your shot. Especially when photographing or filming outdoors!
    It lets you keep a slightly larger aperture when you are filming with low shutter speeds but also still want to keep a nice shallow depth of field.
    I used it when photographing a snowy landscape with the custom white balance applied, it was however slightly colored towards the blue because the correct white balance wasn't retrieved. This actually gave the scenery a somewhat nice and dreamy feel, which I really liked. I think this shows that the filter is really one to play around with!
    It's a great filter when you're not wanting to spend a lot of money on one! It has a rather huge amount of color shifting towards red, but if you like playing around with filters and the white balance, you'll definitely enjoy it!
  • Nice filter

    posted by roaldosinga

    Nice filter that does the job. It cam in a sturdy case to protect it. Dreat minification with less distorion than i expected. I do recommend to use a small diafragma and a tripod for best effect.
    The case only has a single and small shock absorber to protect the filter, so I wrapped it in a soft cloth to protect it from scratches.
    Great deal!

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