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camera led lamp Customers Reviews

  • Pretty good for the money

    posted by Sandervdh

    - Does the job as I would expect
    - Light is nice and bright
    - Can be connected with other lights with the supplied adapter
    - The supplied filters are of excellent quality and connect really good to the front of the light
    I like it, but it would be better if the lightswitch had a greater range.
  • Great buy

    posted by Jazzooko

    Great lighting adjustments (16 different brightness strengths). And there's a flash option if you attach it to the top of your DSLR.
    It's nice that it comes with a bag, very handy. Batteries are not included, just get rechargeable batteries, or a huge pack of AA batteries if you don't use them often.
    If you're thinking of getting a light for a reasonable price, this is it.
  • Best

    posted by rogen

    Came to light long-awaited video for photo and video - Valle. As always, the site is very well pleased with the product and made a complete set. A distinctive feature of this model are - light weight, compact dimensions and of course lumen output.  Now more: Valle has two super-bright LEDs, each output of 1000 Lumina, which claimed a total of 2000 Lumina.  Each LED is put on a good Aluminum radiator, which in turn fit snugly to the body of the lamp (thereby diverting heat) and ventilated through the ventilation holes.  Each LED turns on his big switch, which is very easy to find at the top of the WALL.  Nearby is a large green button to view the remainder of the charge akkumulyutora, which appears small scale Svetikov on the back side lantern. Next to this are two small scale but high buttons for the power flux "=" and "+" control is 7 degrees and decreasing power comes barely audible squeak, recalling the reduced capacity. After turning the power plant remains Valle (very good), and the squeak helps not to forget about it.  The angle of the luminous flux is 80 degrees, it's on so much that from 2 meters can cover man to his full height, as a consequence - the power of light from a distance does not get lost in the shuffle. < img src = "http://images.mysku.ru/uploads/images/00/30/46/2012/01/15/335bd5.jpg" alt = "" />  On the edge of the luminous flux, which incidentally has a temperature of 5600, is a very thin halo of yellow-green to the contrary color, it is very noticeable at close range, but with a 2 meter dissipates and ceases to affect the image.  In combination with a lantern is charging, an adapter with Euro plug (sooo bad)  Power Adapter for charging from a car  and stand Valle 4 rubber dots on the edges of the slip.  Also included is a 7.2 volt battery in 2600 from the company SONY miliamper.  Grabbing a must for 2-3 hours, but I was pleased that he had been clinging to old-style batteries with higher capacity and very cheap.    Site and mechanism of attachment made very soundly, the retainer ring imeeet one large groove for better fixation of a finger.
    Most likely will order his second.
    By the way on the website of the manufacturer of the device, its value amounts to only 10 buoys is less reason to change I do not see the provider
  • Sweet product. Works very good and easy to use.

    posted by joaoFilipecki

    Very useful, cool performance, good price and light weight too.
    They should give some extras filters or correctors . But in the other hand, for sure is a great product. They should make a case for theses lights.
    In fact, this product is extremely good and useful for many situations. I'd definitely recommend to a friend.
  • Great equipment

    posted by zidane1512002

    Well, this item works like a charm, the light range is very long, and if you wanna keep the "Halogen" light temperature, include 2 filters, but if you want to preserve natural colors, use de white one or don't use any filter, it works great, with a Sony long battery (including not genuines), the battery life extends to 6 or 8 hours in full power. If you want works with regular AA batteries but I recommend to use a Sony/Panasonic battery.
    After 1 Year using it, the lamp still working as the first time, no fails or internal damage, is still working like a charm.
    Excellent product if you film on very dark places, gives you a very good illumination.

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