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camera lcd protector

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camera lcd protector Customers Reviews

  • useful and safety

    posted by azatesz

    It is nice, hard and fit to my camera. I use my cam usally in hand and places where the cam can get small knock and grooves. I always afraid about it but now my problems are solved. Am sure that the LCD is protected. It's glass is clear and does not distort.
    I did not regret this buy, and hope it will help in my weekdays. I think I made a good bargain again with dx :)
    This is a very good chance to protect your cam, but think it over: you will redesign your cam
  • good screen protector for my cannon camera

    posted by BennyVo

    - Good packaging
    - Easy to install
    - protect 98% of your screen from dust/finger print etc...
    There are three layers, what you need is the middle layer. first take one layer out, then apply it into your screen, then take the other layer away.
    great value for the usefulness, get 3 if you can and you will save some $$$.
  • Top LCD Protector for your 7d!!!

    posted by wiersma

    They fit perfect on my 7d They are also very clear. They are protecting very well. And if there are to many scratches on it you can easely buy another one because they are cheap!!!! In an normal photography store you pay more than 8 euro's i think.
    It is a very good product to protect your LCD streens on your 7d. I've using my 7d outide, and now in don't have to worry my intern lcd screens are getting scratches. They are also easy to remove. A good buy!!
    Works perfect!! a good buy!!
  • Better protection than Nikon's own screenprotector

    posted by rkunen

    Just perfect. When it is on your D90, you hardly see it is there, but your screen is well protected. For years I used Nikon's own protector, but had some particles (sand?) come underneath and my screen got damaged worse than if no protection would be on. So I got rid of Nikon's one and ordered this one. A very sturdy protector that PERFECTLY fits. My camera looks much better and grains of sand won't come behind, because this one actually sticks to the screen. Much better than the original and less visible. My camera looks more pro.
    If you want your camera to look sleek and your screen to be really well protected, get this one. It is really worth the money. And don't doubt it won't fit or that this protector is not worthy your precious D90. Because it does fit, protects your camera well and it looks really sharp. Get it! I recommended it to many other D90 owners already!
  • Hard to mount

    posted by Sanpj

    it really is clean looking glass, well crafted and resistant. it is branded as Canon and is labeled for the 1100D. It is rigid and will protect from impacts and scratches, and wont get any bobbles
    Mine used a really strong adhesive, so it will be hard to remove and might leave some residue.
    Usefull for a 1100d canon, and not any camera.

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