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camera filter macro Customers Reviews

  • Cheap alternative to expensive lenses, great product for a photo-hobbyist

    posted by 77ymarko

    Good quality and great price. Turns any lens into a macro lens by reducing the distance at which it is able to focus on an object, so you can get much closer to an object which you are photographing.
    If you're really into macro-photography this is a very nice beginning. The focusing with this filter is a quite hard especially if you shooting from the hand. On the other hand if you using a tripod and taking a photos of a stationary object, the filter is doing quite a nice job.
    Great product for a amater photo-hobbyist who can't afford expensive macro lens. If you're into the macro photography or you just want to experiment it a bit, this product is a very cheap way to do this.
  • Works great!

    posted by blibbler

    This filter works great. I used it to take some photos much closer than my lens could normally focus. The photos came out quite sharp, and looked great. It turns a regular lens into a macro lens for minimal cost
    Buy it! While it is no substitute for an actual macro lens, for the price, it is hard to go wrong.
  • Nice filter

    posted by roaldosinga

    Nice filter that does the job. It cam in a sturdy case to protect it. Dreat minification with less distorion than i expected. I do recommend to use a small diafragma and a tripod for best effect.
    The case only has a single and small shock absorber to protect the filter, so I wrapped it in a soft cloth to protect it from scratches.
    Great deal!
  • Very good for macro pictures

    posted by emanuelsimoes

    Nice for those macro pictures you wont be hable to make, without a proper lens. Very good if you can't buy a macro lens.
    Nothing to say here.Nothing to say here.Nothing to say here.Nothing to say here.Nothing to say here.Nothing to say here.
    It is cheap, it does it's job and it has good quality.
  • good deal

    posted by sim01

    The construction is solid. The glass is clean, without defects. The factor 8X is very powerful. The soft pouch is a nice touch ( mine came with a pouch, not a plastic hard case as per the illustration)
    For the price, it's a must have. I don't khow if the glass is coated, but for the intended application it's almost irrelevant.
    I will put this lens in my video kit. It will be usefull only once in a long while but for the price, why go without?And since I have it, maybe I will find new applications or effects.

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