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  • Best memory card case that I have

    posted by DellSuperman

    - Cheap for a case with so much compartment- Very solid build and heavy duty compartment- Memory cards are snug-fit when placed inside.- Comes with waterproof lining, but not sure if they work
    I saw that case in black & bought it in an instance without checking the compartment.Apparently, different color cases are meant for different card configurations.Luckily for me, I could cut the rubber interior to expand the slot, originally meant for Sony Memory card, to fit SD cards.
    Great case for me since I have 2 different cameras cards (SD & CF).Thought it is on the heavier side, I certainly won't mind.
  • Suberb remote for Nikon DSLR

    posted by johankj

    This light and tiny remote works like a charm, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It comes with a battery, so it can be used straight away. The button (there is only one) is beneath the laminated plastic front, so should think it is a little dust and water proof.
    This was a gift for my sisters D40 camera. All we had to do to get i t to work is to set the shooting mode to remote, and we were good to go.
    This is a good addition to your Nikon camera, so you can take remotely triggered shots. Great for tripod shots or family portraits.
  • works perfect

    posted by margavanijz

    first it takes time to understand. But then... it does what it should do. You log in the flucard, then take the picture you want to have on your phone. The apps works also, but i dont want to pay for it. I use when i connect with the card, and then can see and download also the pictures.
    The card seems to get a little warm. I cant see if this is a problem for the pictures.
    i am happy. Should take a 8 or 16 GB ;)
  • Excellent remote for Samsung NV11

    posted by ryanreed

    -works 100% with Samsung NV11
    -included battery
    -good working distance (I've tried up to 6m*)
    -zoom in/out, playback, shutter release all work
    -responsive, good sized buttons
    -decent build quality
    *The max distance I've tried it at is about 6meters facing the front of the camera, although I'm sure it'd work even further. It drops to around 2-3meters if you are using the remote from behind the camera and not pointing it directly at the receiver next to the lens.
    Although the remote is a bit thick it fits in my hand fine so it doesn't appear to be a problem. It would have been good to be able to attach a lanyard on the remote due to it's small size as I'll probably end up losing it if it can't attach to anything.
    You have to set the camera to "remote" under the timer option in the extended menu to be able to use the shutter release & zoom, but it only works with single exposure, not high speed or continuous mode. It works in any mode which allows you to set the timer to remote, so auto, manual, & movie mode.
    Without having to set any options the remote works in playback mode to view images, and you can also switch to camera mode from the playback mode, however you can't switch back to playback without setting the option above.
    I bought the remote for my Samsung NV11 to be able to take long exposures on a tripod without nudging the camera, which it does perfectly.
    Overall the remote works well and I'm really pleased I bought it. I couldn't comment on what other cameras it works with, but all of the functions work with the Samsung NV11.
  • My new favourite camera

    posted by Criggie

    Excellent vision both day and night mode. Good colour rendition... there's no purple grass like cheap nasty IR cameras!
    It makes a clearly audible click when moving between ambient and IR mode. This means theres a physical IR filter that is being moved in front of the lens, rather than buggering around with the image live in software.Item does not claim to be waterproof in any way, so mount it in a dry place.
    Good camera - nice if it came in white as well.I will buy more as time and costs permit.

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