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  • Very good light but starts to flicker

    posted by fringex

    - Very good for lighting persons for close ups at night
    - Easy to use, just an on/off switch
    - Nice filters in a little booklet
    - Not heavy at all, so you can easily use it on your camera without a tripod
    When using it, take a pack of AA batteries with you, so that you can film, shoot, whatever with no flickering!
    Very good LED panel for filmmakers with a low budget! The price is okay and it does what it's supposed to do.
  • Good Sturdy Handle

    posted by tyng

    Very good build with the nice rubbery cover, has 1/4 screw hole at the bottom and 1/4 male at the top. Comes with a carabiner which is handy to clip around your bag or anything else which you want to so that it can hang freely. Can be used to fix on a cam stabiliser which I am repeating a few times so that it can make up 500 words which I think takes too much for a review for such a simple product.
    I use this as a handle to screw onto a aluminium platform to make it into a steady cam platform to make videos ie. a stabiliser for my video.
    Good handle to affix a camera or flash on. Can also screw on a platform to make into a steady cam platform,
  • Sweet product. Works very good and easy to use.

    posted by joaoFilipecki

    Very useful, cool performance, good price and light weight too.
    They should give some extras filters or correctors . But in the other hand, for sure is a great product. They should make a case for theses lights.
    In fact, this product is extremely good and useful for many situations. I'd definitely recommend to a friend.
  • Very bright! 4000-3500K color

    posted by ProDigit

    - It's very bright,probably the brightest on DX!- It's also the cheapest on DX right now, with the most leds!- It's my recommended light for simple home video's;nothing less than this- has a dimmer for small rooms- Yellow looks pretty close to sunlight- Light weight- Also great light for Photo closeups- Each unit comes with an attachment plastic, to attach additional units together. To double the LUX or increase the intensity of the affected light distance, you'd have to double the units. (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32,...)
    Without diffuser the color temperature is rated at 5000k. I would say the light is at 4000k, with the diffuser, the manual states 4000k,I say it's close to 3500k, according to the graph I will post in the forum/comments section.It's by far the brightest LED version of a video light I've ever seen. In the old days they would use halogen versions of several tens (to one hundred of incandescent) watts. Now you can get ~1000LM for less than 5 Watts! No need for large battery packs, or cables connected to the AC!In and outdoor range,ranges upto 12-15ft (with 1.2V rechargeables, and 15-18ft with 1,5V regular batteries. Further than that,and the light becomes too dim for recording.To light up an area 3ft further away than the max range, you'll have to double the light source (aka run 2 of these in parallel). To go 2 ft further, you'd have to again double the light (or run 4 of these to get a range of upto 21ft, or 27 ft with 1,5V batteries).
    It's a great device for filming indoor events, anything for like small livingroom events, like birthdays etc.Also great for close up photo's without the need for a flash.4 of these could easily replace a camera flash,or can be used for studio photo shoots, to replace umbrella's.
  • Superb product

    posted by avishramgolam

    Very good result and awesome light... It also has a dimmer for you to control the light out put and also a filter to diffuse the light.... Easily mounted on tripods and stands, also there's a hotshoe adapter for it to get into the camera... Really amazing product
    Was quite shocked about the size, was expecting something bigger, but when the lights were on, the output is amazing
    A great product for this price...its a must take for all photographers/cameramen...the output light can be controlled accordingly...

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