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camera battery charger

Check out the great camera battery charger to see if there is any that suits you. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. Customers can also browse aa battery charger or external battery charger to find their desired products. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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camera battery charger Customers Reviews

  • Who needs the oem one?

    posted by shusting

    - Far cheaper than the original/real/oem Sony charger.- Worked with original Sony battery as well as sku 17443, the FG1 replacement battery by Pisen.
    - Be gentle with it and it will do the job nicely.- Order this with sku 17443 and you're set with a good charger and second battery for your Sony camera.
    - For the price, why not?Sure beats having to charge by USB or buy the (expensive) Sony charger.
  • very good (Muito Bom)

    posted by evdartes

    I am very pleased with the battery charger is very good and even had another all work perfectly.
    Estou muito satisfeito com esse carregador de baterias são muito bons mesmo já tinha outro e todos funcionam perfeitamente.
    No other thought, I really liked these battery chargers and I will definitely buy several.
    Nenhum outro pensamento, eu realmente gostei desses carregadores de baterias e com certeza vou comprar vários.
    I was very pleased with my purchase
    fiquei muito satisfeito com minha compra
  • A good and practical charger.

    posted by Catapimba

    A practical charger for Nikon EL5 type batteries with foldable US plug.
    - Has small dimensions and can be plugged directly on wall socket without cables.
    - Led changes color from red to green when battery is charged.
    - Charge battery without overheating it.
    - AC input: 100...240V~ on 50/60 Hz mains.
    - Good price/quality ratio.
    I use it with Pisen EL5 battery (SKU.2498 from DX) to power a Nikon P100 camera. It originally charges batteries inside camera and so does not allow camera use when charging a spare battery. With this charger from DX I can know left the spare battery charging when camera is in use with another battery.
    Output charging current = 600 mA
  • Good Cheap Charger

    posted by sixers

    I bought this battery charger for a while.After used, It's wok.Come with a little cheap box. But no effect for using.I bought this one for travelling . It's very small and easily tocarry arround. -easy to use-to be a spare charger.-capable to use with canon cameras such as 20D ,30D, 5D
    This product will save your money a lot for a chager.The price is different a lot , compare with a brand chager.
    Buy it .If you lost your real charger. It's work .For me It's worth and save .
  • Very good, easy to operate.

    posted by milanmaravic

    It works what I expected, charging battery! Not a beast quality, but charging. That is all it should to do. Cheap, fully functional. Tested 6 times and in all cases precisely fully charged a battery.I prefer a slow charge that is less stressful on the cells and increase useful life span.
    Cheap but good. It's cheap and easy to use, does the basic function - charges the vbk180 batteries.
    Good and cheap/ Not the best charger on DX but great if you have just bought a flashlight and batteries and need a charger for that and that only.

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