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  • Works quite well

    posted by Fredim

    Uses a standard screw that will fit most cameras. The ball mechanism is quite sturdy and will hold the camera firmly in place once it is tightened. Very easy to secure the camera in place and to loosen it when necessary. Three holes for a very solid mounting, won´t move at all.
    Very cheap item that does what it is supposed to do.
    Get it if you need it.
  • Good product

    posted by gpavel29

    It is a good camera, the workmanship looks solid. In daylight the image is colour in total dark is black/white thanks to the LEDs.
    I use this paired with LCD display #152008 and approx 50ft (16m) of cable. Is a perfect fit.
    Worth to buy for travel trailers and RVs. The price is decent for the quality offered. Shipping was unexpectedly fast for DX.
  • 7clints

    posted by 7clints

    The design and build of this camera is excellent. The body is brushed aluminium and looks very neat! The accessories that comes with it is multiple and rustfree screws are included on all connectors. The camera was easy to mount on the bar handle on my motorbike, so it was not hard to mount it leveled. I can praise a lot about the design and connecting possibilities for the cam. The cam makes a sound and vibrates as it is turned on, so you don't have to have a free view to the cam to know when it is on. If connected to a helmet, you'll feel with your hand that is ready to record.
    DX pls. correct description for this SKU.
    good Camera
  • Impressive 720p wide POV camera

    posted by italovalerio

    Good and sharpness eyes lens, come with remote control, light weight, well done, very good materials, beep to know when start/stop record, sharpness video till in night shot, very good results because the wide angle lens, filming in the car all windshield is showed. few "jello" effect, high quality pouch.
    This camera is between category security or spy and sport camera or POV. The price versus results is very good, a good upgrade than others SD glasses or others without wide lens on camera. The sugestion is to have others lens how to optionals, for example to sun with UV protect. I not found options to solution this.
    Tips: To understand how to set the date and turn o/off, read it: 1-make first power on the glasses, turn off (this will create the folders on card), 2- with glasses off connect on PC usb and turn ON, 3- On PC, desktop area, create a new text on note pad editor, write with exactly sintax (point, space, etc) YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SSX , "X" is Y or N and not have space how to wrote on english manual (i saw this when i "read" chinese part). 4- Write minute ahead because you delay to save, copy etc. Save with name TIME.txt, the text is ready. 5- Simple copy to root of card. On PC click remove usb, disconnect cable. 6- and finally, wait the exact time you wrote looking the clock, turn ON the glasses, make test and back to PC to play and check if all ok.
  • Cheap and handy

    posted by Ciainikas

    Very good video quality. Tested on a big screen pal tv and the view seems right. Quite a wide angle. Automatically adjusts brightness. Does not work in complete darkness but even in a week light picture looks bright enough. Video wire was more than enough, power wire was enough too.
    I used it in my `96 civic as a rear view camera. Using it with SKU 49796 monitor which has lower resolution but overall picture looks great.
    Made an ability to turn on camera with reverse gear or manually. Camera takes a second to start so you can't immediately hop back while parking. Everything works even driving at 100+ km/h (when switched on manually). I wanted to see my bumper so had to bend the camera lower which resulted in unequal distance marking (at 3 metres there is actually <1 m). Sum up: i can now park quickly in spaces where i used to spend more than 5 mins to park.

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