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  • so far so good

    posted by lior3

    Easy to use. Does the job. Solar powered. came with useful gadgets (car charger and cables which i use for other stuff).
    good sound. good volume.
    can be placed wherever you like.
    useful, elegant, Solar Powered did i mention? i didn't even once charge it with cables :)
    good quality, worth the price.
  • It's OK

    posted by Tui1965

    Everything works OK, -Good large screen. Pixel ratio is good. I image quality when shaded is good -Very easy to operate, touch buttons work perfectly -2 input sources, Bluetooth works well.
    I've had this installed for over a month now and have been putting up with the glare problem, I'm not sure I can put up with it much longer because it annoys me every time I look at it. I'm going to relocate it to a better place (not sure exactly where yet, space is a problem)
    Works OK and is good for the price,
  • Good gadget, but could have better quality.

    posted by Davidenko

    -Looks good
    -Proximity feature works good
    -Bright screen
    -Has Built-in clock
    The Time on the clock is in 24hr time.
    The Price could be a bit lower.
    It would be nice if it said the name of the contact, but caller # is good too.
    A feature they should add is a buzz for texting as well.
    It's a good product, for a decent price, but it could use some improvement.
  • Worth the money

    posted by Geoffm

    Connected ok to Nokia cellphone and 8GB flashdrive. Using the SD card would be better as the flashdrive makes it tight around the gearchange area with the ciggie lighter socket.Easy to use and set FM transmitter.
    No Ipod, but works and cheap enough to have one for each car.A radio with USB socket is a better solution to avoid interference
    Worth the money
  • Good .... sort of...

    posted by locostevie

    -Most functionalities works as described.
    -Loud clear speaker.
    -echo/noise cancelling works
    -I think it's the most stylish mirror on DX.
    -Mini USB charging port as serves as firmware update port
    -if all functionalities work it's a great mirror!
    AS the above, it's great item at a decent price. However the FM is stuck on 106.5? As someone has already left a comment on the bottom attesting to the same thing. So I guess it's product related and not one specific case.
    Also, the FM transmitter works, it's just that the frequency cannot be changed. So if the frequ. that it's stuck on has a lot of interference in your area, you're outta luck!
    besides this the build quality is quite decent, in no way does it feel flimsy, display is nice and everyt else seems to work fine.


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