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  • Excelente producto, de gran utilidad para el hogar!

    posted by sergio24

    Estos adaptadores son geniales, sirven para muchos aparatos del hogar.Son muy utiles y sirven para no tener que comprar diferentes tipos de piezas para conexiones de diferentes aparatos con cable coaxil.Tiene un excelente material y se nota la gran terminacion.Parecen muy duraderos.
    Muy satisfecho con el producto, tal vez venderlos en packs de 3 a 5 piezas seria mejor para aprovechar el producto.
    Recomiendo este producto al cien por cien a todo dealextreme!.
  • Works perfectly

    posted by DanielBenSasson

    Works great with DVB-T, got a good signal as long as the antenna is not behind the TV itself.Good magnet, sticks firmly to steel surface.Very good price.Connector is firm.
    For some odd reason it was hard to find a DVB-T antenna in local shops.I used an antenna cable with the end exposed from the shielding for some time, but it just didn't look good.This antenna looks much better, works just as well, kept in place by the magnet at the bottom and was cheap.
    So overall I'm very pleased with it.
  • Great for coding/debug apple tv

    posted by duchistan

    - Fits nicely into the apple tv- Feels genuine- Looks genuine- Works great- Cord length is decent
    Plugs into the back of the apple tv 3G (where the little USB sign is) for coding/hack purposes only. Not really useful for everyday users, as it won't do much when plugged into a computer. You can use it to access the hidden 4gb memory on your apple tv, I guess?
    Buy it if you know what it's for, or you're a coder looking to jailbreak the Atv3, But fairly pointless if you're a nobody with an iphone 5 like the reviewer before me.
  • Must have on screens without many HDMI ports

    posted by romainpnct

    Sheathed cableGood aspect (does not look cheap)Exactly as described
    Size of the cable is perfect for me (I use it to avoid having to look behind my computer monitor when I switch the HDMI between computer, PS3, tablet or hdmi dongles).Very good investment on a HDMI port often plugged and unplugged.This way all the wear and tear is on the small cable, which is cheap, instead of the HDMI port on the TV/computer monitor/projector.I also use it on a projector with a miracast HDMI dongle. It gives me peace of mind because if my dongle (which is rigid and sticks out the HDMI port) is moved, there's way less risk of damage to the projector or dongle.
    Check the size of the cable. Might be too short/long for your purposes.Just the right size for my computer monitor (the female HDMI appears just behing the edge of the screen). If your screen is very big or small, the cable might either dangle or be completely hidden by the monitor.
  • An excellent product

    posted by Arnnold

    An excellent product. Good build quality and plenty of functionality. With it I can watch movies on my tablet into my TV freely via the RCA cable. It's perfect for Samsung Galaxy P-1000.The cable is bigger than the normal size, and it makes it easy to use the product to connect to the tv.Excellent video quality. The result on tv is very good, although not in hdmi.
    It's worth every penny paid for this product, because it really is of excellent quality.
    Good buy!

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