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cable to power Customers Reviews

  • Great for external HDD

    posted by romainpnct

    Good sizeEasy to differentiate data cable and power usb cable : look at cable thickness (the thinner one is the power only)Can work by plugging only the data cable in a usb port (no need for 2 usb ports at all times, except when device is drawing power)
    Greatly useful for external HDD or external DVD burner.For instance if you external HDD needs 2 separate USB cables (for power and data), you can replace the both of them by just this one.Also great to connect a USB device that needs power to a USB port without power (for instance allows connecting an external HDD to a car audio system, on a port that would normally be only capable of powering a USB key, same for connecting power hungry USB peripherals to an android device with USB otg).
    Great buy if you use mini-usb devices.Can replace any mini usb cable, and gives the possibility of using the power from 2 USB ports at the same time.
  • For those who will use - very useful gadget.

    posted by IDV

    Adequate quality of used materials and assemblage at this price.
    The excellent complete set of delivery (there are necessary cables and adapters).
    All devices connected by me worked without problems, normally being defined in system.
    The multipurpose device. It is possible to use for reading of the information from old hard disks, to restore the information from bad hard disks, to use in the computer for connection to the motherboard not having sockets IDE for corresponding hard disks, and also for use of usual hard disks for carrying over of the information and use as external stores and to connect in the laptop or the computer without assorting them.
    It is good to have the given gadget for those who is engaged in repair of computers or their restoration after failure or viruses.
    To make the button ON\OFF on the power supply.
    In my country such gadget is very difficult for finding in sale.
    Despite some insignificant lacks - I recommend to purchase.
    It is impossible to wish at this price something the best.
  • Nice cable

    posted by rad3d

    Good sata connectorSnaps in placeMini sata connector fits fine
    Because of the clamp the sata connector clings onto the onboard connector.You have to push the metal to disconnect.It will not come off if you don't want it however it maybe somewhat less convenient to quickly remove it.In my situation the connector blocked the other sata port.
    Nice product for a nice price.Be careful to check your onboard connectors for the orientation. (see my photos')
  • Attach your SAS's !

    posted by mblogst

    An easy to use adapter. Just plug it on disk and connect to you SATA. Now I can recover such disks on any computer with SATA controller.
    Cables are long enough for my particular needs. Connectors fits tightly enough to disk.
    An easy to use adapter. Just plug it on disk and connect to you SATA. Now I can recover such disks on any computer with SATA controller.Cables are long enough for my particular needs. Connectors fits tightly enough to disk.Could be a bit cheaper!
  • nice :)

    posted by AlexanderB

    + Its an atx 24 pin extension cable
    + Its about 30 cm (12") long
    + It extends the 24v cable quite nicely in my casemodded case, so I could fit the cables away from sight.
    theres a 20 pin version also availible, for older psu/motherboard styles.
    get this cable if you need to have a little bit more length on the atx power cable to hide it neatly out of sight, or if you have a really tall case.

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